Foxeer HS1177 Mini FPV Camera Comprehensive Review


If you’re thinking of investing in a high-performance modern FPV mini camera, then you should be ready to have a lot of options in your shopping. This will not only guarantee you a perfect choice but also offer you negotiating power over various brands. Some of the factors you have to consider include the dynamic range, FOV, and the latency. The Foxeer brand has been around for a while and it enjoys an overwhelming customer support in the marketplace. Therefore, having the Foxeer HS1177 Mini FPV Camera in your list should be a priority. Let’s look at its features and benefits;

Foxeer HS1177 Mini FPV Camera Review

The package of this Foxeer camera comes with all the necessary accessories you would need for a successful quadcopter use. There is the lens cap, mounting bracket, screws, instructional manual, and OSD&servo Cables.

The Foxeer HS1177 model also comes with a strong metal case which guarantees durability and reliability unlike the commonly used plastic case on similar products.

Additionally, this Mini camera contains 2.5 mm, 1/2.7″ 3MP lens with an option of 2.8 mm lens. There is, however, no manual lens focusing adjustment option as they seem to be well glued.

The Foxeer HS1177 mini camera also has a six-pin connector at its back. This includes GND, VCC, Video, NC and OSD.

The video output standard of this FPV camera corresponds to those of the PAL and NTSC.

Its resolution power stands at 650TVL and 600TVL, black &white and color respectively.

The Foxeer brand mini camera operates on a wide dynamic range and contains a noise reduction feature. So you don’t have to worry about the distortion of the sound quality.

It weighs around 12.4g and has a wide voltage range of DC 5V to 40V, which is quite impressive.
Foxeer HS1177 Mini FPV Camera Pros

The Mini FPV camera is lightweight thus very portable. This makes it ideal traveling as it can easily fit into a standard backpack.

The manufactures of this product ensured to include the necessary Foxeer mounting equipment, so you won’t have to spend extra cash on the same.

It has an OSD configuration menu, thus giving you so much operational convenience.

It comes in two colors ( black&blue) for your selection

The Foxeer camera also works pretty efficiently even with a latency of 0 as the transition levels are barely noticeable.

What Benefits Will The Foxeer HS1177 Mini FPV Camera Offer me?

Like any other product, Foxeer manufacturers ensured to come-up with a mini FPV camera that would suit the needs of tight-budget individuals. This Foxeer HS1177, you get to enjoy excellent image quality an actual definition of value for the investment.

It also offers you a unique Foxeer known classy camera design with an impeccable building quality to make your adventures worry-free. Who wouldn’t want that?

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