Wltoys 10428A Racing RC Car 2018 Review

wltoys 10428a

The rock crawling scene is crowded with various big brands of trucks that require you

to dig deeper into your pocket. But as much as most individuals would love to be part

of the big brands’ clientele, the budget is too high for most of them. That’s where

affordable terrain trucks come in handy. An excellent example of such is the wltoys

10428a from the famous WL-Toys brand. With it, you can be sure to jump-start your

4×4 hobby. And who knows? You might end up loving the rocky terrains and turn it into

a full time/part-time career.
wltoys 10428a
The Wltoys 10428a Features

One of the first things you will probably notice about this machine is its striking blue

color. And although some people find it quite annoying, others swear by it.

You will, however, love the design of this wltoys 10428a truck as its chassis takes after

that of the twin hammer. This means that you can easily find the spare parts you require

where there’s need.

Also, the wltoys 10428a’s jeep like body shell construction guarantees user durability and

reliability through the use of a tube frame and a Lexan plastic panel.

Additionally, the wltoys 10428a’s front suspension is independent while the rear suspension

remains an articulated straight axle drive.

wltoys 10428a

This impressive rock racer also consumes 4 hours of charging time and offers about 20

minutes of action time.

Its highest speed stands at 30km/h, with a wheelbase of 286mm and 1.9-inches wheel-size.

The wltoys 10428a terrain truck operates with a 7.4V 2200mAh Li-Po battery, which is

included in the package. It also requires a 4 x 1.5V AA transmitter battery, which you will

have to purchase separately.

This 540 Brushed motor wltoys 10428a truck comes with an English user manual book to

guide you through the operations.

Pros Of The Wltoys 10428a

The wltoys 10428a offers a lot of climbing convenience thanks to its double gear mode

operational capabilities.

This crawling racer also comes with a large carriage clearance that comfortably clears

obstacles from your way.

Additionally, the wltoys 10428a’s stock radio has the capability of traveling more 100m

or out of sight.

wltoys 10428a

You also don’t have to worry about water splashing on the electronics of this wltoys

10428a as their construction is all- waterproof.

You get to easily acquire spare parts for your wltoys 10428a machine as its chassis

design perfectly corresponds with that of the big twin hammers.

Consequently, you get to proudly display the radio transmitter of this impressive

wltoys 10428a machine as it comes in a classy clone design.

One of the benefits you receive from WL-Toys brand’s wltoys 10428a truck is its

irrefutable efficiency even at its affordable price.

Its cleaning process is also much faster as you just spray off the dirt and leave it out

to dry, ready for the next wltoys 10428a adventure!
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