My Dream Radio Controlled Drift Car

This birthday my parents bought me my dream Radio Controlled car. For years, I had been longing to get one. I even worked at a restaurant to save some money. I had my savings but these were not enough. I was very surprised and excited when out of the package appeared my ultimate present, an RC Drift car.

rc drift car

What is RC Drifting?
It is based on the same principles of real car drifting. A “drift” is when a car is over-steered around a corner to intentionally cause a sliding of the back wheels or all four wheels. An expert driver will remain in control and be able to complete the corner without getting off the track. Rally racing often uses this technique to steer sharp turns. In RC drifting the same effect is achieved with 1/10 scale models. I would think it is more difficult to maneuver a remote-controlled car because we do it from the outside.

rc drift car
Types of Drifters
RC Drift cars are specially designed and are distinctly different from RC racers. Drift cars have lighter tires. Most vehicles use 4-wheels to cause a drift. One can buy a ready-made car and use it straight from the box, like mine. Or more avid hobbyist can buy modeling kits that they can use to make their own drifter. Some users customize their RC cars. The motors, chassis, tires and steer mechanics can all be altered and refitted with a different variety of electronics.
Drift Technique 
There are different techniques and ways of creating a drift but it is all about lines and angles. Since we are going sideways, the angle of the rear wheels to the front makes the difference. Too steep and we result in a spin. Too shallow and we’ll miss what we call a clip. The

rc drift car
Competitions and Event
Drift car hobbyist uses their techniques to compete in various national and international competitions. These events have seasoned judges that evaluate the drift. The control, traction, speed, time and aesthetics of a drift are scored. So it’s not simply about turning sharply and staying in control. Nor are these races about merely crossing the finish line. The judges give scores on drift quality as well as a finish time.
My First Race
I looked up the internet and found many video guides to learn drifting. I started practicing. The first rule is to use these tutorials as the alphabet. The turning, skidding and holding can be done in a unique personal style. I drifted daily until finally the big day arrived. When the race began, I focused on producing a well-controlled drift and swept through. I didn’t win but still very happy to have participated. Maybe next year.

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