Squishy Ball: A Ball Full Of Magical Power

There are ways that cheap, readily available innovations do solve big problems. Even in hospitals, big psychological problems have been addressed by objects and things that readily appeal to the mind. More so, they are non-toxic and can be used as many times as possible; and they do not require experts to administer. One of such innovations is squishy balls, also called stress balls. It is a small inflatable ball with clay or supple gel inside that is held in the palm. It has various features, functions, and advantages.
squishy ball
Features of squishy balls
As already stated, they are balls filled with soft, flexible, malleable objects like clay or gel that can be maneuvered inside the palm. By constantly maneuvering it inside the palm, it creates the soothing that relieves problems. Those that contain gel are softer than those that are filled with clay. It is, therefore, a simple homemade innovation that could solve great issues.
squishy ball

Functions of squishy balls 
Obviously, since the balls are readily malleable in the palms, it performs medical, surgical and psychological functions. For instance, there are cases that a child attention needs to be distracted, like when passing intravenous fluids in the hospital, so giving the child a squishy ball will distract the child. It could also be used in schools and parks where children enjoy fun. Besides, regularly pressing the ball will make the wrist joint very active, preventing and even relieving n symptoms of surgical conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: a surgical condition that causes stiffness and severe pain at the wrist joint. How wonderful that a small ball relieves a surgical condition! In addition, several mental conditions can easily be relieved in elderly patients and depressed individuals as they enjoy the sootiness of the ball.
squishy ball
Advantages of squishy balls
When compared to other solutions we can say that the ball is readily available and very cheap. Getting an inflatable ball is easy worldwide, except in very remote areas, and even then, there are cities and towns close to where it is plenteous. Also, using the ball for medical or surgical therapy is non-traumatic and did not require the experience of an expert, besides telling the patient what to do. Moreover, it is not a rocket science putting the clay, or the gel in an inflatable balloon. So everyone should be able to do it, including children.

A squishy ball is a simple innovation can is readily available and used for fun, medical and surgical purposes. Getting it is as simple as knowing one’s name. Therefore, it will not be out of place if we all get a squishy ball in our house. Indeed, we all need to have fun occasionally. We would be healthier doing it, since prevention, they say, is better than cure.

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