Wltoys 10428a – Experience The Speed Of Climbing Trucks

The R/C rock crawling and scaling scenes are full of a wide variety of brands on rock worthy trucks. Today, more and more R/C truck enthusiasts are considering getting scale-looking trucks. Some of the preferable brands in the market include Range Rover, Jeep, Tacoma, the traditional Land Cruisers and Chevrolets among others. All these brands have a unique factor in common, that is, they tend to be expensive. Somebody would rather own a rugged real-life scale that resembles real life trucking that can go over the boulders. Immobile body shell fitted on a 4 by 4 attractive chassis may not mean much. However, the WL-Toys is one of the favorite brands on the market. With the Wltoys 10428a, you will have the opportunity to experience the 4 by 4 truck scaling at very competitive rates in the market.

Unique Features Making Wltoys 10428a stand out in the market
Notably, this rock climbing truck toy happens to be the real deal today. If you don’t have one, you are definitely missing a whole lot of fun. The complete package comes with;
• An RC Car
• Transmitter
• 10V-80mah EU Charger
• A Long- lasting 7.4 V 2200mAh Lipo Battery for the truck
• Balance Charge
• A Small Close Sleeve

• An Instructions’ manual for the user
The Wltoys 10428a comprises of a unique rock crawler chassis model that makes it way cool for the user. You might actually mistake its chassis design with that of VETERAN TWIN HAMMER original model. The truck compliments your rock climbing experience with an appealing blue color like that of the Axial Wraith Poison. It also has a jeep-like body shell with tubed frame and Lexan plastic panel. Additionally, it is fitted with an independent front suspension and articulated straight axle drive for the back. This 4WD has an exceptional 540 brushed motor. It can race up to 30km/hr.

• Strong and very flexible chassis.
• Active suspension that makes it easy to crawl over obstacles.
• Extensive throttle torque and climbing on the two gear modes.
• A tremendous amount of undercarriage clearance that efficiently removes various obstacles.
• The stock radio enables it to travel meters away from the line of sight.

• Its electronics are completely waterproof.


• The on/off switches are located far on the inside and under the body shell. As such, you might have difficulties trying to squeeze your finger to turn the switches around.

Therefore, Wltoys 10428a is the real deal. By combining its unique features and advantages, there is no match for this in the market. If you are still stuck between many options, just grab this one and take your rock climbing hobby in a new direction. A Thumbs up! WL-Toys for this excellent deal.

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