What Is JJRC Drone

The first drones to be invented were considered top secrettoand they were used by the military to spy on enemy territory and carry out aerial strikes. Several companies then moved to the drone industry and started manufacturing lightweight and inferior drones for the general public to use. This move not only diversified their products but it also increased the number of drones in the market. Currently, drones , for various purposes such as photography, survey, fun and more.

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These gadgets have gained popularity due to mass production and reduction in price. However, most of them are just toys while a few models such as JJRC drone have advanced features. JJRC drone is quite popular among drone enthusiasts. This drone has several automated functionalities and many users like its compact size.


Portable Design

JJRC drone is lightweight in nature and this makes it convenient for outdoor activities. You can fold the drone to make it occupy less space and fit in small bags. If you like camping or photography, you can put this gadget in your backpack and still get enough space for additional equipment.

Smartphone control

You can control this drone using your smartphone. You just install the app on your phone and get the ability to control the drone. The app connects your phone to the drone wirelessly using an inbuilt Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can control the JJRC drone in any direction provided you are within the Wi-Fi range. You can save the images on the SD-card of the smartphone for further processing.

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HD Camera

A camera is an important component in a drone since it enables you to see where the drone is going. The live-stream of the front-view of the drone enables you to navigate around obstacles and change the altitude so that you don’t crash it. JJRC drone has a high-resolution HD camera for optimum clarity. The camera shoots high-quality photos and videos then sends them to your smartphone in real time. You can use the images that you see on the screen to fine-tune the “Forward/Backward” settings or move the drone left/right to get the perfect shot. The powerful HD camera makes the drone ideal for professional photography.

Lithium-ion battery

JJRC drone uses a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and lightweight. You can buy a spare battery if you want to fly the drone for a long period of time. Unlike disposable batteries which produce hazardous materials after some time, a lithium-ion battery is tightly sealed and it doesn’t leak any harmful substances. Furthermore, a lithium-ion battery has a long lifespan which reduces the cost of replacing the battery.

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Protective Casing

The drone has a waterproof casing which protects the inner components from getting in contact with water. The casing is strong enough to resist impact in case you accidentally crash the drone. Furthermore, the casing is dust-proof and this prevents the gadget from accumulating dust which can affect the electrical components. The waterproof and dust-proof casing enables you to use the drone in remote areas which are dusty and windy. It also allows you to fly the drone in humid conditions without any problem.


JJRC drone is a powerful drone with amazing features such as WiFi connectivity, HD camera and more. The drone’s foldable design makes it highly portable and this makes it suitable for outdoor activities. If you want a powerful drone, select JJRC drone and enjoy taking high-resolution photographs and videos.
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