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remote control robot

Are you worrying about birthday presents choices? Is it that time of the year once again when you need to surprise your friends, family, loved ones or even your colleagues at the office with a gift? Why not try the robot toy that everyone from kids to adults will like. Many people have a number of ideas to gift their families during the festive seasons or even for their birthdays. Children will be looking forward to receiving a surprise gift that will make their holiday enjoyable and worth remembering. The JJRC R3 CADY WILL Sensor Control Intelligent Robot is the best selection that will bring enjoyment and happiness to every member of the family. This is the best gift that will keep everybody indoors as they experience fun and amusement that these robots bring.

remote control robot

Perfect design and 100% safe

These robots are made from the finest materials which make it strong and durable, and of course, completely safe for children. Its body is designed using superior materials that ensure it is shockproof to protect people and gadgets in the house from electrocuting or any other electric fault. The remote control robot is safe for kids to play with without being exposed to any danger that might harm or injure them. It is an interactive robot where you can touch its head or even shake to make it speak. You can also gesture to make it move in different directions. It is designed with touch mode, gesture mode and remote control mode which presents interesting ways to play with the robot.

remote control robot

High intelligence, super smart

The JJRC R3 Robots allows one to programme a series of complex movements which can be replayed in turn to bring the extra fun. This will stimulate player’s creativity and bring new fun to the game. This amazing robot is second to none as its dance moves and melodies will excite you beyond belief. It has sharp dance moves and patterns that are entertaining and fun to look at. It also has the capability to mimic human actions where it can walk in slow pace or even slide fast to move forward depending on the human’s action. So it is not just a toy for children, adults might enjoy playing with it.

remote control robot

User-friendly, perfectly designed

The Robots are designed with 3.7V 600mAh built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that allows up to 2 hours of unrestricted entertainment before charging again. It is charged using a USB charger and takes about 120 minutes until fully charged. Among other features that make this robot amazing is the high-quality speaker, bottom skating wheels, stunning colorful lights on the arms and chest and the laser canon feature that is entertaining and appealing. The robots weights about 1.5 kilograms which makes it convenient for even children to carry without difficulty.


The JJRC R3 Intelligent robots are currently the best and the most effective robots that bring unmatched entertainment and fun for the entire family. It keeps kids engaged and entertained and is, therefore, a must-have gadget for every family.


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