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DJI Mavic Air

Are you planning for a holiday vacation, special occasion or probably some outdoor activities? And, you feel the need to capture these amazingly beautiful moments which will provide a life-time of memories? But then, you are tired of using phones to take selfies. There is a completely new way of taking selfies from a different magical perspective without using the selfie sticks. I know you might be yearning to know what this new device is, its none other than…… a selfie drone.


Recently, aerial imaging has increasingly become accessible as the selfie game continues to evolve daily. Incredible transformations of smartphone photography are very evident. From front-facing phone cameras to selfie sticks and now a selfie drone.

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Let us now find out what a selfie drone is, its features as well as how to use them.

Selfie drone is a high-tech device for capturing photos and videos from an aerial perspective and is remotely controlled. They come in a variety of designs to suit your choice and preference from small sizes that are pocket size and foldable enabling you to launch it from the palm of yours. Once launched, it correctly positions itself to do its task and returns. Selfie drones also give you a great opportunity to capture your moments and share your pictures instantly on social media.

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The following are features that selfie drone possesses

* Wifi FPV or Wifi UFO App

First, you have to download from your smartphone on Google play store or App store. This App controls the selfie drone and just with a few simple taps its up capturing your special moments.

* Gesture control

It is a special feature that allows you to take photos and selfies by gesturing at the selfie drone.

* HD camera

This camera ensures the images captured are of a high-resolution quality that is good and really stands out. With facial recognition, it can focus on your face or another face for a clear selfie image. It also possesses gravity sensor mode and Altitude holder.

DJI Mavic Air

A selfie drone is a device that you can easily use but here are some tips that will guide you through.

1) After purchasing a selfie drone go through the operating manual just as you do after purchasing new devices.

2) As it always said practice makes it perfect, make sure to practice flights as this will enable you to familiarize yourself with its features.

3) When capturing be aware of the flying area as not all selfie drones are made with obstacle avoidance feature.

DJI Mavic Air

A selfie drone comes along with the following benefits to mention.

They are very affordable meaning there is a wide range to choose from and are pocket-friendly. Selfie drones are fast, stable with a long flight time and therefore shoots amazing video. Portability, selfie drones are easy to carry around just like a smartphone as you can put it in your backpack. They take great selfies at a close range of up to 10m optimal control.


I highly recommend the selfie drones to people who enjoy outdoor activities such as campers and hikers as you will only be required to launch it up in the air to capture the action or a unique background shot of a spectacular view. I should also not forget the travelers and tourists as you can also use it to capture popular tourist destination as you tour around the world. Now, as you have full knowledge of what a selfie drone is, its unique features, benefits as well as how to use it make sure to purchase one from our wide range that fits your preference and pocket.

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