Mini quadcopter – the best choice of your first quadcopter drone

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The advancement in drone technology and cheaper materials have made drones to become cheaper. The manufacture of drones has also increased rapidly due to the increase in their application in various fields. Some drones are toys for having fun while others are so advanced and are used for various purposes such as photography. Mini quadcopter drones are the most popular drones since they are affordable and easy to use. If you want to purchase this gadget, you should consider its features and where you are going to use it.

Frsky Apus MQ60

Features of some good seller mini quadcopter drones

Waypoint Planning

An advanced drone should have waypoint planning. This tool enables you to draw a ring around an area where you want the drone to go. Waypoint planning is good for aerial photography since the drone will fly on its own and take a video or photographs of the area.


Aerial coverage range

Mini quadcopters with inbuilt camera sensors cover a large area than those without. The sensors enable you to control the drone from a fixed position when flying it over buildings, trees, and other objects.

 Fat Shark 101

Altitude hold and Sonar technology

Sonar technology enables your quadcopter to sense objects and keep it stable. Soner enables the drone to maintain balance so that you can have upright photos. Altitude hold feature enables you to lock its position to a certain altitude so that it doesn’t crash on trees or building.


Flight time

Quadcopters with powerful batteries fly for a longer period of time. A longer flight time enables you to capture more footage on one charge.

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Clarity of the camera

Professional photographers need mini quadcopters with a high-quality camera. A good camera provides clear still photos and video shots. In addition, some drones come with cameras which produce footage in a range of colors which are good in post-production.



Faster drones are good for capturing quick shots. A faster quadcopter should also have a speed control feature to enable you to slow it down when necessary.

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Charging time

Charging time is important if you want to use the drone for professional photography. Drones with batteries that charge faster can easily be recharged and resume video shooting.


Hover Accuracy

Hover accuracy is one of the most important features when taking still photos. Quadcopters with a high hover accuracy produce clear photos. Furthermore, a drone with a high hover accuracy can resist strong wind when flying thus preventing it from crashing.

 DJI Mavic Air Drone

Battery power

A mini quadcopter should have a long-lasting battery so that it can be reliable. Greater battery power increases flight time and speed of the drone. However, batteries that store more power are bigger hence the drones are also bigger in size.



Drone toys are interactive gadgets and they can help your kids learn drone flight control and have fun. However, if you are a professional photographer, drones can enable you to take incredible aerial videos and photos with ease. Serious photographers need a drone with flight planning and advanced camera controls so that they can take videos with ease. You should choose the right drone for the right purpose since some drones are better-suited for a specific use. You can introduce your friends to drones so that they can also have fun.

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