Where Could Your Squishy Toy be? Get it

squishy toys

Early this year American Psychological Association released a report on research they conducted on stress. The threat is not with the kind of data collected in the past but the projection they made regarding stress. Unfortunately, 63% of Americans in the future will be a victim of stress, one way or another. Just using this as a comparison, I would conclude that the world is ailing and will continue to do so in the future from one menace; stress.


There are simple therapies that any person, regardless of age, can use to alleviate themselves from this disease that most tend to assume. The question is, are you going to continue stressing yourself or act and use simple methods to be on the 37% who in future will have managed stress?

squishy toys

I guess you will be the sober one to ask for the simple remedy for stress, it is the squishy toy. Sounds funny right? But more fun that can ease stress, I must say. The squishy toy one may associate with kids is a good stress reliever even for adults. Maybe you are used to seeing them being used in offices, but wait, have you been that benevolent and used one while donating blood? It’s that soft that when you feel it on your palms stress that everyone talks of will just fade away. Sometimes I get in my room and the first thing I do is to search for my Squishy ball, then suddenly, the noise in my head fades away, the next thing I realize is that I have slept for two hours. It’s time to kill the stress of money, work, violence and any other that could be the greatest noise in your head using this toy that you assume every day is meant for your kids to with. You have to laugh, meditate, chew gum, spend time with friends while others go as far as lighting a candle and that is how you manage this menace.

squishy toys

The squishy toy is science on its own despite the fact that art has lately taken over new products of the same. It is made of a range of products; memory, density, cushions foam and at times kitchen sponge. Mini, regular, jumbo and super jumbo is just but few types that you may have in the market. In the new future, I will not be shocked to see automated squishy toys, one that goes as far as offering massage to other body limbs, leave alone the palm.

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