How the drone industry is going from strength to strength

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Since the beginning of time man has looked at the birds and wished he could fly with them. In the last century advancements in aviation have allowed a man to do just that. Either as a passenger or a pilot, we can see as the birds see. We can experience the joy of flight. Today that experience is more accessible than ever before. All thanks to drone and quad-copters.

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In the last few years, the drone industry has captured the imagination of many. It is no surprise then that it is one of the fastest growing industries. More and more manufacturers, suppliers and clubs are getting involved in what started off as a small hobby for some. A quick search on the internet tells you just how big this market is. Now drones are used for aerial photography, delivery systems, and in the sport with racing clubs being formed.

dji spark

With the rise of FPV and mobile phone technology, the quadcopter drone market took another leap. We no longer just watch our drones fly, we now can see as they see. This has opened up immense opportunities not only for hobbyists but for professional use too. FPV Racing is attracting a lot of attention from participants and spectators but it is only because of that first-person perspective we can now get from our drones. Professionals now use drones to map out areas, the rescue services use them to help locate injured people and law enforcement agencies use drones to gather intelligence.

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But it is the accessibility to drones that has caused the greatest leap. It is not an expensive hobby to get involved in. Of course, there are expensive drones and quad-copters but for entry-level some drones cost little. For example, Hubsan does an excellent entry lever quad-copter for a reasonable price. For the FPV Racing enthusiast, the price increases but given the technology involved that is to be expected. DJI has a brilliant range of drones aimed at those wishing to capture the landscape. Machine produce racers at a very reasonable price aimed obviously at those just entering the hobby. Syma also has a wide range of drones and quad-copters aimed at the racer and professional.


Flying drones and quad-copters is all about the user experience. Having a first-person perspective allows the user to be involved in all aspects of flying without the risk of injury through crashing. Clubs have now formed to teach the elements of flying drones and quad-copters which are proving very popular as the hobby grows. If you are an existing or new pilot then we would like to hear from you to share your experiences and footage. If this blog has inspired you to get involved then let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

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