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dji spark

If you’re looking to spice up your photography and video skills with a cutting-edge style, then you should probably look in the direction of the ever-evolving drone technology. Drones have been traditionally used for military purposes, delivery, and agriculture, but are now slowly taking the photography world by storm. The DJI Company has marked several milestones in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) world and has recently taken the world by storm with its fresh and advanced invention, the DJI Spark. The DJI Spark is a mini-drone that comprises most of DJI’s intelligent and flight technologies together with a high-resolution camera, to enable you to capture your favorite moments.

dji spark

The dji spark comprises intelligent flight control, a mechanical gimbal and a high definition camera with advanced features. Let us look at these features closely:

dji sparkIntelligent flight control

The intelligent flight control enables you to operate on TapFly, or ActiveTrack, Quickshot or Gesture mode. In TapFly mode, all you need to do is select your specific target by tapping on it on the screen of your phone and the DJI spark will fly in that direction, using visual technology to identify obstacles.

ActiveTrack mode makes your tracking experience fun and exciting. The drone tracks objects according to their shape, size, and speed. You can trace from the front, behind or in circular motions around the object or set the drone in a fixed perspective to view only the object’s profile.

Quickshot comes with a selection of directional options to choose from, while gesture mode processes your simple hand gestures to get you in a picture-perfect mode.

dji spark

High-Performance Camera

The DJI Spark comes with a high-performance camera which comprises a1 /2.3” Sensor, a powerful lens and a mechanical gimbal to give you the best high definition pictures and videos.

You can now get the most of your wide shots and videos, thanks to the 1 /2.3” sensor. It is efficient in stabilizing your videos to ensure smooth transitions. You can also take better and more professional still shots.

The large megapixels give you the power to capture the fullness of sharp and bright colors without distortion.

The powerful lenses enable you to take sharp and vivid pictures from any angle, with the help of the mechanical gimbal which stabilizes the drone to reduce shaking.

dji spark

The DJI Spark Combines intelligent flight technology and advanced camera options to give you the full photo and video experience. You can easily edit and share your videos with your friends and let them enjoy the experience of high-end still images and videos. Capture every moment, with the DJI Spark!

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