How to Pay for an RC Plane Well

rc planes

An RC plane or sometimes known as an RC aircraft is simply a small remote-controlled flying machine that can be operated on the ground while using a radio transmitter. Initially, flying RC planes was considered to be more of a hobbyist activity which was done mainly during a person’s free time. Nowadays, flying RC planes and RC aircraft has become more than just a hobby and there are several huge industries, activities, and games held all over the world. On April 23, 2008, the first major RC plane competition in the world was held in Lakeland, Florida and was titled ‘Top Gun 2008’. The event was held for 5 days and featured some of the most impressive remote-controlled aircraft in the world. Since then, there have been multiple RC plane events hosted all over the world with the most recent one being Central Kansas Heli Fun Fly which was held from June 22 to June 24, 2018.

rc planes

How to pay For an RC Plane Well?

Once you’ve gotten hold of an RC airplane and have tried it just once, you’ll discover that they are extremely fun to fly. However, it is important to know how to pay for one well in order to avoid buying an expensive RC plane or one that may not be suitable for you. When paying for an RC plane, the first thing you should do is decide whether you want a readily built plane or one that will be built.

rc planes

RTF (ready to fly) plane or ARF (almost ready to fly) plane?

Think carefully about whether you prefer an RTF (ready to fly) RC plane or an ARF (almost ready to fly) plane. An RTF RC Plane will normally come with everything ready including a battery and controller while an ARF requires assembly and purchasing of all the necessary electronics separately. If your experience in flying rc planes is limited and you are not sure whether you’d be able to properly assemble the plane, it may be better to just buy an RTF plane in order to get some experience in handling and managing one then, later on, move on to an ARF plane.

rc planes

This does not mean that you shouldn’t purchase an ARF plane as your first RC plane. If you really want to buy an ARF plane, you can do so by acquiring several kits which are readily available online. However, if you are doing it by yourself, ensure that you completely follow the assembly instructions that come with the kit or look for a detailed guide online if the package didn’t come with instructions. You can also choose to purchase a Plug-n-Fly RC plane which will require you to purchase your own transmitter, receiver, and battery separately. You should also consider whether you prefer a plane that uses electricity or gas to run.

rc planes

You don’t really need to build your own RC plane. People who have a better understanding of their planes are generally good pilots. However, some people will prefer to purchase an inexpensive RTF plane that comes with pretty much everything ready which is also fine. The most expensive parts of an RC plane are the receiver, the transmitter, the battery, and the battery charger. Components can be re-used if needed. For example, if you happen to crash your plane, as long as the receiver, controller, and battery remain intact, it is possible to build one from scratch.



At the end of it all, the decision on whether to purchase an RTF RC plane or ARF plane based on your expectations, budget, and requirements. Whichever model you decide to go with, always remember that flying an RC plane should be a fun learning experience that you can also share with your friends or family.

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