3d Printer pens, the future of art

3d printing pen

3D pens have been the talk of the internet lately, making the device the latest cool gadget to have for 3D artists and art enthusiasts. The latest advancement in 3D printing includes a printer which enables the user to print objects on air. The newest 3D printers are cheap, a fact that will increase their availability in local stores in the near future. 3d printing pens are an exciting invention since they need no special software or the computer to work, all they need is a source of power. The newest 3d pen design has click control, which enables users to draw continuously, and also a nozzle which has good air supply. The pens have been introduced to schools, which has been made easier by an educational bundle.

3d printing pen

The 3d pen printers’ popularity has grown due to its exciting advantages, which include the relatively low cost of acquisition and use, a wide array of materials to use with the 3d printing pen and the ability to customize the models created with the pen. Environmentalists have encouraged the use of the 3d pens, which encourages the recycling of waste plastic, hence positively affecting the environment.


Use of 3d printing pens requires both skill and practice, which makes it ideal for people with an art background. The pen has various parts, including the power input node, a wire loading hole, various operational indicators, a speed controller and a temperature controller. The plastic to be used is inserted into the pen in solid form, which takes a few seconds to melt. Once molten and ready, press the feed button, and the molten plastic will ooze out of the nozzle. The molten plastic is spread out to the desired shape, and it solidifies in a few seconds.


3d printing pen3d printing pens have many uses, which include the following:

– Drawing architecture models

– Customization of phone cases

– Creation of 3-dimensional objects out of 2-dimensional templates

– Creating decoration items for interior decor


3d printing penFor accustomed users, 3D pens are relatively safe to use, with the material used to create the pen protecting the user’s hands from the heated elements. Advanced 3d printer pens have stronger rechargeable batteries, making them easy to use with or without power. This also eliminates the presence of power chords attached to the pen, which would hinder the smooth running of the pen, affecting the final output. The 3d pen has a number of benefits, such as eliminating the need to order decorative materials which can be consuming, it’s fast use in creating shapes and designs, minimal or no technical expertise required and the huge impact they have in revolutionizing the manufacturing sector of any economy. With the above facts, 3d printer pens are set to become one of the greatest inventions in art, which will be used both commercially and for private use. With a 3d printing pen, one can easily make a living off creating 3d designs for architecture companies, or decorative items to be sold to interior decor experts.

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