A Close Look At FatShark Dominator HDO Goggles

FatShark Dominator HDO

As compared to the LCD technology, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays brings a new generation and levels of fidelity, contrast, and clarity to the ultimate image displayed within the VR goggles. Nowadays, quadcopter drones are not only affordable but also the trendiest gadgets in the entertainment industry.


Why FatShark Dominator HDO Goggles?

FatShark Dominator is a newly released HDO Goggles, a one of a kind that is using the OLED screens display. For FPV lovers, HDO Goggles offers you an opportunity to enjoy high contrast ratio, vivid colors, crisp images, and better clarity altogether. With the older screen technology, FPV enthusiasts used to complain about blurry corners and edges. FatShark is an affordable drone accessory that is well-designed to offer higher resolution displays.

FatShark Dominator HDO

Key features

  •    Leather Foam Padding

The new VR goggles come with comfortable foam padding that wasn’t a part of the previous goggles. The goggle is customized with leather padding for durability reasons and to prevent light leaks. The padding can be easily replaced when if it wears out.


  •    The Outstanding Shell

FatShark used the old dominator shell on the recent released HDO goggles. The old dominator shell is the reason behind the same weight in HDO, Dominator V3, and HD3 goggles. The shell has been working perfectly for the previous goggles.

FatShark Dominator HDO

  •    4:3 Aspect Ratios

Most FPV cameras are taking the 16:9 ratios. FatShark still insists on using the 4:3 aspect ratios in the latest HDO VR Goggles. For FPV lovers, 4:3 ratios are still the perfect option to consider if you don’t want to experience squashed and blurred images. There are VR Goggles that use both the 4:3 and 16:9 ratios. However, FatShark decides to work with the 4:3 ratios as most of the pilots still use 4:3 goggles and cameras.


  •    HDMI Auto-switching

When your HDMI cable is removed or plugged in, the VR Goggles can easily auto-switch between the analog feed, DVR, and HDMI. Most of the Dominator HDO Goggles features are integrated into future models.

FatShark Dominator HDO

  •    The OLED Display

OLED displays pose the great advantage to FPV lovers. Gone is the era where pilots used to complain or blurry edges and corners. FatShark Dominator offers you the opportunity to experience better light handling, better clarity, more crisp images, and vivid colors. The VR Goggles are covered by a warranty, if you experience any problem, FatShark got you covered.


  •    Module bay

FatShark uses a more powerful module bay to meet FPV enthusiasts’ needs and specifications. The HDO Dominator uses the VXR module bay to offer better light handling and better clarity images.

FatShark Dominator HDO


  •    High resolution
  •    Superior quality
  •    Easy to use


  •    Average DVR module


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking forward to seeing better details under changing light conditions, consider going for the latest FatShark Dominator Goggles. The goggles come with perfect dominator shell, advanced DVR module, and leather face foam to keep you comfortable all the time.



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