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XK A800

Flights are known to be one of the biggest deals. In fact, everyone loves being on a plane be it for venture or travel. Well, this perhaps explains the great love that people have for different radio-controlled (RC) airplanes. Having one makes it sound real that you are a plane owner. We must admit that they are small but significant in the role. Everyone got a different story of what it can do. Given that, they are no longer toys since they can fly during leisure and probably define people’s hobbies. Perhaps, it is due to this reason that everyone wants to own one.


As their need boom so is the industry. To cater for the escalating demand manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to bring the best RC planes to the market. For this reason, the law of demand seems to have a share. Competitions among various manufacturers and stakeholders have become so prevalent since no one wants to lurk behind. It is the same reason that has led to the production of world-class RC planes like the XK A800. Unlike others, it is an airplane with a lot to behold. Even before purchasing, there is a need to know more about the brand as well as the features.

XK A800

Features of the XK A800

Specialties and specifications of the XK A800 are far much beyond compare. It is no doubt that this RC airplane differentiates itself from toys and sets its new definition. The dimensions make it more portable with a height of 133mm, length of 530mm and an exclusive wingspan length of 780mm. It comes from EPO and has an N60 iron core motor. Its transmission is beyond commonality with a range of 200 metres and a 2.4G transmitter mode. Moreover, this RC is a lightweight with a flying weight of about 110g and a flying time of approximately 20 minutes. It has an exceptional 7.4v battery with a charge time of about 40mins.


Some other outstanding specialties include a detachable wing structure, quick installation/ replacement, and a readily convertible mode of 3D 6G. For beginners, this is a very stable and easy to fly arrival due to its aerodynamic layout. Ideally, the price tag also explains its specialty regarding affordability. With a recent price tag of around $79.9, you could guess why the shift has moved to the XK A800 airplane.


Indisputably, when using the plane, many benefits will seemingly pledge. Imagine the easiness of operation and the package that accompanies purchase. Suppose that you are yet to know this then this is one of a kind. It comes with a manual, transmitter, spare blade, battery, screwdriver and charger. All these and many more are in a wrap for anyone wishing to have the best of an RC airplane. Hurry up and grab yours for a life-changing flight and leisure.

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