Benefits of using a stress toy

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Most of the people are affected by stress. The symptoms may be noticed during busy working hours, family problems or any other trouble. According to recent surveys, almost 44% of the global population is suffering from stress in one way or another. Some are very serious cases while others are harmless. The first way of treating stress is by knowing the symptoms. Stress is a disease and shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. High level of stress can result in high blood pressure and severe heart diseases. Stress could lead to some chronic and fatal diseases.


With the rise of stress becoming common problem doctor found a cure to stress by developing stress toys. Stress toys are toys designed in a way that they can be squeezed. Stress toys are the upcoming modern way of curing stress. They are affordable and there are many proven cases where patients were happy with its use. These toys could be used easily anywhere making it more preferable. There are many designs and shapes of stress toys available in the market so that one could choose according to their preference.

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How does it work?

The principle on which these stress toys works is the contraction and the relaxation of the muscles. When people press the stress ball the muscles contracts due to force applied, while when they release the pressure the muscles relax. This helps blood vessels to improve the content of oxygen in the blood and hence tension is released. The nerves attached to the brain are also stimulated to this pressing action which in turns helps in improving the mood. Stress is caused due to the release of certain kind of chemical hormone in the body. Oxygen cancels the effect of that chemical and hence stress is reduced.

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How to play?

The proper way to use these toys is to pick a toy which fits in your palm perfectly neither too big nor too small. Then press the ball with your fingertips keeping it in the middle of your palm. Hold this position for 5 to 8 seconds and then release. This process is to be repeated for 10 minutes. Stress toys are also used in the process of meditation and physical therapy to strengthen the muscles of hands. These toys can keep people mind from wandering. They boost focus, memory, and attention. Also, it’s not like any chemical or physical therapy that has any side effects. It could never harm your body.


If you feel any symptom of stress then it is advised to use these stress toys. They are cheap and doesn’t harm your body in any way. Stress may lead to the serious problem and before things turn serious and fatal treat the disease with this cheap solution. Doctors recommend using these toys in long run for better health and life.

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