Everything you need to know about FPV drones

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Through the years the drone industry has a sustained evolution, what was a merely small hobby has become in a lifestyle in many ways. With the introduction of FPV drones, new ways to play and have fun have surged across the world, countries like Dubai, Spain and many others around the world had begun to take part of a new sport that is emerging – the drone competitions.

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What is an FPV drone?

FPV stands for First Person View, an FPV drone is basically a drone that has a built-in system that allows the user to control the drone and view through its camera using goggles, headset or a display. The user will percept the drone environment as if it was inside it, by taking advantage of this some users take part of racings in competitions and turn their drone into a powerful FPV racing drone.

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What is an FPV system?

This system allows the drone to use FPV capabilities and consist of a camera, video transmitter and video receptor with antennas and, goggles or wide-view screen to visualize the images transmitted by the camera.

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What are the uses for an FPV drone?

Although many users around the world use them for fun and enjoy to race with them, the fpv racing drone has been used for years for business and commercial purposes like photography, event recordings and most recently for security.

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Where to buy them?

Many online stores like Amazon or eBay have this type of FPV system and you can buy them for just a few bucks, prior to making your purchase take your time to review some features like flight duration and camera specifications, some of the most popular models and brands include the following:

DJI Mavic Pro

With his clear view 12MP camera with 4K video support and image stabilization you can capture everything from the skies, but that’s not all, this drone is perfect for racing as it can fly up to 40 mph for around 25 minutes.


DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter

A powerful quadcopter that can fly up to 65 mph with a duration of around 27 minutes per fly. DJI has two available camera option for optimal cinematic and photographic capabilities, the X4S (20MP) and X5S (20.8MP) gimbal cameras.



Equipped with HD cameras for a real-time FPV experience, this quadcopter can be connected to your smartphone by using its official application. Flight average duration is 8 minutes per fly. This is the cheapest option.


Hubsan H107D FPV

With a flight duration of around 7 minutes, this small drone is the best option to introduce yourself to the drone world at a low cost. Comes with a built-in FPV system to experience every flight like never before.

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