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dji spark

DJI has recently hit the news with its record number of drones bought by Japanese construction firm, Komatsu. The future is bright for DJI when it first began as mainly a gadget for hobbyists and enthusiasts. Now the industrial world is taking notice of DJI and its capacity at delivering quality and innovation. In the UAV industry, DJI has inarguably dominated the market, with approximately 70% market share of all drones sold worldwide! With cutting-edge technology and quality construction, DJI has always delivered, making it a favorite among drone lovers everywhere.


In the mini-drone segment, one of DJI’s top-selling models is the DJI Spark 2KM FPV. Weighing at 300g, the DJI Spark doesn’t have many competitors. It’s small and compact, easily packed into a bag without much of a hassle. Top notch design, color and build quality make it perfect for hardcore adventurers, travelers, athletes or even just the occasional hobbyist.

dji spark


The dji spark‘s camera is a high-performance beast with a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor. Specs include the f/2.6 wide-angle lens, 12MP with 23 mm focal length. The resulting images captured on the Spark is good with assistance from the many modes available. The 2-axis mechanical gimbal, together with UltraSmooth technology ensures that your photos come out looking crisp. With the Spark, you get multiple shooting modes and 2 new ones like Pano that shoots panoramas and shallow focus that creates depth of field for 3D application. Video settings are capped at 1080/30p, which is more than enough for the avid videographer considering the size. The Spark has a 2 kilometer HD Wi-Fi video transmission that allows you to transmit 720p video to your phone.

dji spark

Smart flight modes

The Spark comes with a selection of intuitive flight modes that make it easier to move the drone as you take your pictures or videos like QuickShot, ActiveTrack, TapFly, and Gesture. Quickshot has preset flight settings that take interesting angles automatically. ActiveTrack identifies objects intelligently and determines their speed. TapFly allows you to actively choose shooting location to which the drone will then follow. FaceAware, a feature I find interesting recognizes your face and lifts off from your palm within 15 seconds of powering up. Besides that, it comes with 3 flight controls. A unique new feature, gesture controls that allow users to use hand gestures to input commands for taking selfies or following you from behind.


Smartphone control lets you link up your smartphone with an operating radius of 100m. The optional manual remote is obviously the best, allowing more range and better navigation. The 2-axis mechanical gimbal results in a steady pitch and roll, giving more stability to the controller.


The propulsion system is quite powerful, coupled with its aerodynamic design to reach a max speed of 50 kph. It can even fly steadily against strong winds in Sports Mode. Paired with the FPV flight mode, a pair of DJI Goggles creates an immersive experience. The Flight Autonomy system helps the drone hover accurately using Visual Positioning System at max 30 meters while sensing obstacles 5 meters away so it can land safely.


dji spark


Due to its much smaller size, the DJI Spark has a flying time of 16 minutes on a fully charged, 1480mAh battery. It might not seem like a lot, but for the size tradeoff, definitely worth it. You can also track how much battery life is left on your smartphone so you can plan ahead your landing.



The DJI Spark is one of the company’s most innovative product, opening up doors to endless possibilities with its small size and intuitive controls. Its widespread appeal shows how much trust users have with DJI, with state of the art features and advanced tech packed into this tiny machine. Some of the more high ends features you get with other models might not be available on the Spark, but the small size more than makes up for it. Don’t forget, the small size, affordability, and ease of use mean it can now fly unobtrusively in the sky, opening opportunities for those who want to dabble in aerial drone photography without looking like a pilot. I think drones fitting in my pocket is now my gold standard.




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