Flight Controller for the RC Drone Lovers

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When we talk about RC Drones, the name itself makes us understand that we are talking about the Remote Control Drones; it is a drone which flies and its controlling is monitored by a remote.


Good drones to choose

Not long ago, there used to be no RC drones but only RC Airplanes. But as the times change, the means and medium change too and humans are very adaptive to lucrative changes around us. There is an increasing popularity of the RC drones and it means they are purchased more for the way they are designed and they are way faster than RC Airplanes. If you want to keep up with the crowd, you can go ahead and buy as there are a lot to choose from; like FreeX SkyView, 7CH, Symaetc.

GEPRC Hummingbird

Good flight controllers to choose

And still, there are many who prefer to build their own RC Drone by the various DIY projects to offer. In the DIY projects, F4 Flight Controller is fundamentally used. F4 Flight Controllers were introduced in the sphere soon after the F3. Because of its immeasurable benefits in the additional processing power, the F4 Flight Controllers are gaining huge popularity and are now widely found on various Fc’s like Beta flight F4, Kakute F4, Matekf4 AIO, DYS F4 etc.

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Features of F4 Flight Controllers

An f4 flight controller can run 8K/8K with SPI Gyro Bus (*Talkingabout 8K/8K refers to the Gyro sampling Rate and Loop time.) Without an external circuit, it doesn’t work with inverted signal and it possesses the half-duplex capacity too. The advanced F4 Flight Controller gives prodigious accuracy and control while in the air.

fpv racer

Now when you need to build yourself a drone, you will need the basic list of components;

USB Key, Micro SD Card, Camera, RC Receiver, Mounting Pad, Battery Monitor, Batteries, Connectors, Propellers, ESC’s(electronic speed control), Motor , Frame, AWG silicone wires, Zip Ties, 3Mcommand strips, thread locking compounds, battery charger and Servo lead wire cables. You can also make your Drone advanced by adding other accessories to it. As there are enormous kinds of drones available but the most preferred are the quadcopters among them because they are very effortless and uncomplicated to fly. Therefore before making a DIY always make sure you choose to put your efforts into building a quadcopter preferably.


Rest is entirely your choice. People who make their RC Drones from scratch gain pleasure doing so and they don’t prefer comparing their creativity to the commercial ones. It is sublime to speak about the glee and delight when you take your DIY drone off in the air.

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