The Fast-growing World Of Drones

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have changed the face of military warfare in the 20th century. Military use of UAVs started in World War II and they were then defined as “a remote-less controlled piloted-aircraft or missile”. In present times, military research on UAVs has made its way into mainstream consumer products.

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Regular consumers can buy a drone from any gadget store. Of course, these are not the military grade weapons-toting drone. The drone is now one among the most popular and sought-after gadgets in the world. For a lot of drone owners, it’s not just a toy, it’s a hobby. While there are drone toys for children, a lot of drone owners are adult hobbyists or professionals who use drones for their work. Drone enthusiasts have clubs through which they get together with like-minded individuals who share a passion for everything drone-related. Drone competitions are also held by fpv drone operators.

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FPV Drones

FPV or first-person view, also known as remote-person view, is a means of controlling a drone through video piloting. The operator flies the drone with the view of a pilot, while he is on the ground. The video feed is received on the ground through a video monitor or FPV goggles. Some drones have built-in cameras while others are equipped to carry cameras. Most drones are designed with a “return to home” function so they can return to their point of origin if they lose the controller signal.

Syma X20-S

Drone Manufacturers

The high demand for drones, both for recreation and for professional use, has led to a fast-growing drone industry. The major powerhouses driving the drone market include:

  1. DJI Innovations– the most popular drone manufacturer to date. They are the makers of famed Phantom series quadcopters with G.P.S First-person View capability.
  2. Yuneec Electric Aviation– hailed as the global leader in the industry, Yuneec introduced the first ready-to-fly straight out of the box-drone, the Typhoon-Q500 quadcopter.
  3. Parrot– the French company is a new player in this industry but is fast gaining popularity because they specialize in drones with smartphone app controls. This has proven to be a popular choice in the consumer quadcopter market.
  4. Hubsan– the Chinese drone giant produces entry-level models that are reasonably priced, this has established it as a household name among many hobbyists.
  5. Syma Toys– another Chinese company, Syma specializes in remote-controlled helicopters so when they entered the drone market, they had a significant edge over their competitors. Their X5C-1 Quadcopters is now an Amazon bestseller.


There are many more proven and trusted drone manufacturers that continue to produce high-quality drones with exciting features. And it does not look like they plan to stop anytime soon.

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