BG1516 1/16 RC Racing Car Review – Sleek & Outstanding


Across all ages, whether a kid or an adult, the thrill and throbbing delight that is driving RC cars never gets old. With the RC Motorsport industry growing and booming in popularity over the recent years, there are plenty of RC Car lovers and admires all across the world with the numbers growing swiftly the day, for the RC Car is not just a toy, but a gratifying hobby. The industry now is more mature, with plenty of clubs, competitions, and DIY tutorials to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.


With that said, here is a comprehensive review of the BG1516 RC Racing Car, for adept comprehension of its capabilities and shortcomings



Modeled after the Ford classic pickup line-up, the RC BG1516 is rugged in the frame and beautifully stylized in the canopy, spotting sleek spoilers running the show from the back, an RC Car bound to turn heads. Hitting a sweet spot from employing ergonomically designed controls, to research-informed RC Suspensions the truck has a lot going for it.



Transmitter/ Connection

The RC BG1516 spots the use of 2.4GHz transmitter technology and 4CH channel, providing for sufficient support to multiple high-speed cars at same times, and even speed race, thus achieving beautiful and well intricately tuned high-speed and off-drifting movements. The transmitter has a remote distance of about 50m.


Battery, Power System and Engine

The RC BG1516 features a 4.8V, 500mAh Nickel Cadmium battery (Ni-cd) out of the box, plus a 3X AA slot, all providing up 20 minutes of usage time, with speeds of up to 15km/h. The RC additionally has a full-scale remote control rear drive system, with an ample shock absorption design for wider latency in terrain choices.



The RC BG1516, features a stylish, neatly picked camera choice, with a digital sense of technology and ample reflection on the fashion style that flairs of the RC Motorsport Car. The camera is configured to support up to 720P clarity for taking pictures among so much more, all controlled through the phone APP Wi-Fi, for seamless control and integration.


Gaming Controller

The RC BG1516 comes with a Piston Style grip traditional standard controller. The Piston Style Grip Controller makes handling easier, as well as, providing precision in control of your car.



The RC BG1516 features an impressive build quality, and outstanding ergonomic design, with a sleek outline further amplifying its worth. From the 2.4 GHz transmitter technology for more efficient control to powerful rechargeable batteries providing up to 20 minutes of usage time, up to 15 km/h speeds, and not forgetting stylish, neatly picked camera choice of up to 720 pixels clarity controlled from phone APP Wi-Fi. The RC BG1516 car delivers as much as it promises, roaring in performance and intriguing to the avid enthusiast.


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