ALIGN T-REX 700XN RC Helicopter – enjoy the magical stunts of your skilled piloting


RC helicopters are becoming more popular than ever anticipated. The growing technology is also growing at an unimaginably fast rate. With its amazing efficiency and flexibility, it has grown to be the best companion for both professional and non-professional sporting activities. The number of RC helicopter lovers around the world is constantly increasing and gaining a popular fan base. It is not just a toy but a shoot of a new gaming industry and a great hobby as well. With many followers of sporting videos and tutorials, it is evidently gaining more popularity and creating a lucrative market for its manufacturers.


The ALIGN T-REX 700XN adopts new amazing features that will take your hobby to the next level. These include;


Narrow body

It comes with a narrow body design, which is stronger giving it a longer flight life. This design also increases the gear space reducing its abrasive contact to the frame. It feels more efficient.


New direct to swashplate servo design

The swashplate is now faster and lighter designed to maintain a constant angle of 90-degree at the Linkage rod-rotor grip joint. This improvement gives it a superior and stable flight. It also features an advanced design of the anti-rotation metal bracket. The new aluminum alloy bracket features an integration of POM Polyacetal


Stronger CNC metal reinforcement plate

It has a CNC metal reinforcement plate, which increases the mainframe strength. This plate also helps in cooling the engine and shields the motor from damage. Torsion strength is especially important when performing fast three-dimensional stunts.


Anodized aluminum alloy fins

Due to intense heat produced, the T-REX helicopter is fitted with an anodized aluminum alloy. These CNC cooling fins ensure efficient heat dissipation as well as a beautiful appearance.


BTX two in one high voltage regulator

It has a BTX two in one high voltage regulator with a maximum output of 6A 7.4V which ensures a stable power supply for servos and receivers. With it’s increased external filter capacitance, it can effectively eliminate the external noise interference.


Improved tail performance

The tail performance is also improved with a new strong and durable structure. The tail boom brace made of carbon fiber is now stronger and lighter. In case you want to service your 700XN, the new dual-sided tail servo mount allows for better accessibility.


With all these great features of the T-REX helicopters, you are sure to enjoy an efficient and more flexible maneuver. Whether it’s that new upside down, or fast somersault flip you want to try, you can confidently do it! You will never want to get your hand off the RC, let alone enjoying the magical stunts of your skilled piloting.


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