3.5 channel YD-713 RC helicopter available at an affordable price


Though some people consider remote controlled (RC) helicopters a toy for children, in reality, there are a large number of adults who also enjoy owning and operating RC helicopters as a hobby. Flying has always fascinated mankind, and there are also a large number of hobby clubs where individuals who collect and operate RC helicopters can network and compete with each other. Most RC helicopter hobbyists are looking for affordable new models of RC helicopters which they can test and use. One of the newer models of RC helicopters available at a very competitive price is the YD-713 infrared remote-controlled helicopter.



The YD-713 RC helicopter is grey in color and is similar in design to the helicopter used in James Cameron’s Avatar movie. The helicopter uses infrared controls and has 3.5 channels for controlling the speed, direction and other aspects of the helicopter as it is being operated. The helicopter is made from lightweight and durable plastic and has dimensions 16cm X 22cm X 11cm so that it can be easily handled. The RC helicopter is designed for a smooth flight when in the air, has a LED light so that its position can be easily identified, with a provision for flight trimming.



The helicopter has an in-built Lithium battery rated at 3.7V, 220mAH which can be recharged using the USB charger that is supplied with the helicopter. The charging time of approximately 50 minutes will ensure that the helicopter will fly for about five to six minutes depending on the speed of the helicopter and other factors. The infrared(IR) type remote control requires three AAA batteries which have to be purchased separately. The remote control can be used to control the RC helicopter for a distance of 15 to 20 meters away, provided there are no obstructions which will limit the range.



The remote control for the RC helicopter is also grey in color. It has a button for switching on the power to operate the helicopter and also a power indicator. It has a throttle for controlling the operation of the helicopter and changing the direction of the helicopter as required. The receiver for getting signals from the helicopter is located on the front side of the remote control. There is a provision for left and right side trimming, and the various channels are also displayed. In addition to the helicopter, remote control, USB charger, a user manual with detailed information, images, and accessories for the RC helicopter are also supplied.


All the above features and low price makes the YD-713 remote control helicopter the ideal option for hobbyists who are looking for high tech remote-controlled helicopter at an affordable price as well as those who wish to gift it as a toy for older children.

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