Keep Your Drone Batteries Ready for Action with the DJI Power Bank

DJI Power Bank

The quadcopter drone is the trendiest gadget today. People are buying this drone for leisure and professional purposes too. As a matter of fact, a study has indicated that the market for agricultural drones will hit $1 billion by 2024! This means that the demand for drones that can provide surveillance over large tracts of land will increase exponentially! Quadcopter drones are now more affordable. Moreover, they are being used with power bank batteries. Charging your drone is an important activity. Therefore, it is important to have a power bank that can charge up your quadcopter and increase its flight time. Read on to discover the DJI Power Bank and why you should get this drone accessory.

DJI Power Bank

Features of the DJI Power Bank 

High capacity

This power bank can store quite a lot of backup power for your drone. The unit has a capacity of 5,000mAh. It can be charged using an input current of 4A. Consequently, it charges up your drone at a rate of 2A. Therefore, it is an ideal accessory to have for your drone.


Can charge multiple batteries at a time

The DJI Power Bank is capable of charging up to 3 batteries at a time. At full capacity, the batteries can keep your drone airborne for 48 minutes. This power bank is compatible with MB1-1480mAh batteries. Therefore, it provides you with a sure method to keep your drone batteries juiced up.

DJI Power Bank

Versatile USB port

One of the best features of this power bank is that you can use it to charge up other devices. It is built to provide power to your drone’s batteries. In addition to that, it can also charge smartphones and tablets. This is due to its unique and versatile USB port. By charging through this port, you can power up your device at a rate of 2A or 5V.


Automatic temperature sensing and adjustment

The temperature of your batteries is an important factor to consider while charging them up for your drone. They should not overheat and get damaged. Thankfully, the DJI Power Bank has some temperature sensors which measure the heat produced while charging up your batteries. Furthermore, the power bank can operate effectively in a temperature range of between 5 degrees to 40 degrees (41F to 104F).


Compact shape

The power bank is designed such that it has a compact, square shape. You can store it conveniently in your travel bag when you are not using it. It is also quite light since it weighs only 680 grams. As such, it is portable and does not add unnecessary weight.


Comprehensive package

Once you buy the DJI Charging Set, it arrives with all the accessories which you need to start using the power bank. The package contains the power bank, a power cable, and a charger. As such, you do not have to buy any extra accessories separately.

DJI Power Bank

Quick charging time

The power bank can charge up quickly and save you time while using it. When you connect it to a power source that is external, the device charges up in 1 hour and 35 minutes. If you put 3 batteries in it and connect the device to a power source, it will charge up in 2 hours and 30 minutes. As such, it charges up quite efficiently.



The DJI Charging Set is a perfect accessory for those who have drones. It provides substantial amounts of power and is very versatile. Seeing as it can charge u multiple drone batteries, it is a must-have item. The DJI Power Bank is available for purchase online at an affordable price.

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