Frsky Apus MQ60 Review-Best Drone for indoor environment

Frsky Apus MQ60

The drone industry has achieved a tremendous growth over the past few years. There are many drone clubs coming up. This means it has become the most popular game receiving the highest number of new competitors. The drone industry is more mature, many drone clubs, drone competitions, and DIY tutorials are now available, and it has become the trendiest game in the world. Currently, drones have become a very popular gift you can award yourself.

Frsky Apus MQ60

The Frsky Apus MQ60 Review

If you want to award yourself the best drone, we have good news for you. The Frsky has released an affordable brand new quadcopter that delivers compact performance and the quadcopter is Frsky Apus MQ60. This quadcopter is the best choice for the racing enthusiast. This quadcopter comes with Frsky XMF3E Flight Controller. The in-built controller supports both manual and automatic binding for the compatible transmitter. You can fly your quadcopter by only binding it with the transmitter; you do not have to be worried about parameter adjustment.


The integrated controller comes with BetaFlight firmware and an inbuilt XM radio receiver. The quadcopter comes in two colors, sky blue, and light gray, you can choose either of the versions.

Frsky Apus MQ60


The Frsky Apus MQ60 quadcopter has a range of features that make it the best option for gamers. Its features include:

  • Lightweight-It weighs 20g without battery. The lightweight design makes it convenient to take anywhere.
  • 5 minutes of flying time
  • Supports 2 binding modes- It supports both manual and automatic binding
  • Supports parameter adjustment and default value recovery.
  • Solid frame and strong motor protection- This is to ensure that the quadcopter stays in the air in the most difficult indoor environment.

Frsky Apus MQ60

Performance- Why Frsky Apus MQ60 is the best?

This quadcopter offers a wide range of features some of which are highlighted above. The most outstanding aspect is that the quadcopter offers all the required security features that make it perfect for indoor racing. These features include a solid frame and a strong motor protection. It also comes with an in-built FPV camera that allows you to take pictures from above. With this quadcopter, you can check out live video transmissions using the video transmitter. Though, you’ll be required to have video receiver equipment. When delivered, this quadcopter comes with other accessories. They include a USB charger, an instruction manual, and the battery.



This drone is powered by a 200mAh Li-Po battery. This battery can keep the drone flying for five minutes on just a single charge. It also has an LED indicator that changes to green when charging and turns off when the battery is full.

Frsky Apus MQ60


Welcome to the world of quadcopters if you are new. You don’t have to spend a lot to buy a quadcopter. We will assist you to discover the best drone for you. Now that Frsky Apus MQ60 is out, you will have the best opportunity to enjoy your indoor racing.

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