Xiaomi STEAM Robot Smart Building Block Robot adds your life more fun

Xiaomi Building Block Robot

If you have had a child in your life, you will agree with me that we always strive to find different playing toys and games to help make our kids active and busy. Many children today only enjoy electronic gadgets games or computer games, but here look at Xiaomi STEAM Robot a good toy that you will certainly use to attract your child’s attention.

Xiaomi Building Block Robot

The Xiaomi Building Block Robot comes in the market at an inexpensive price tag, given its features in comparison with other similar products in the market, it is one of the most affordable packages. The package itself includes 1 X Master control part, 1 X User Manual, 1 X Motor, 1 X Sticker, 5 X Building Block Package, 1 X Storage Box, and a 1 X Battery Case. There are fewer parts that need to be assembled which are less when compared to other robots but make them easy for locating the starting point and assembly.


Nice gift

The Xiaomi Smart Building Block Kit is 100% Lego compatible. It comes in a kit with a load part and is meant for people under 14. The Xiaomi robot is a nice gift to give your child. It comes with a CPU-based technology that allows the robot to get balancing capabilities and more, as you will see once fully assembled.

Xiaomi Building Block Robot


Why will you want to choose this amazing gadget? The DIY Xiaomi STEAM Robot is a popular household name right now, it is the trend in the robotic play games at the moment. The robot will greatly help your child develop practical skills when handling the robot. Here are the different features of the Xiaomi STEAM Robot once built:

*Phone controllable


*Programming via blocks that are beginner-friendly.

*Route Planning – basic path following.


To explore

There are 3 basic styles and eight different ways to enjoy this robot, which allow your child to use any of the techniques provided to explore his or creativity. The package also comes with a user guide manual that will help you to assemble it to a 3D viewpoint of 360 degrees. All parts are made of high quality and durable material, which is safe for children. The electronic parts come with an electrical magnetic interface that makes it fast and convenient to install. The robot has a 32-bit processor, Mx processor, and ARM Cortex, which offers many different options.

Xiaomi Building Block Robot

Easy and fun

The Xiaomi Smart Building Block gets powered by two AA batteries that last long enough and are easy to replace. With a Bluetooth interface, your kids can link the robot to a mobile phone application for fun and easy control. With the Xiaomi STEAM Robot more than ten different programs offered to your child for choice.


For both adults and kids

Its parts are also well-matched with other Xiaomi components, which make the item also suitable for adults. The Xiaomi Smart Building Block is a wonderful and creative product for both adults and kids. It is made of a high-quality material suitable for the whole family. A variety of different shapes can be made, but this will only depend on your creativity.

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