RunCam Split Mini Review – great views in HD

RunCam Split Mini

Quadcopter drones need no introduction. These trendy gadgets have been around for a pretty long time and over the duration, they have become a darling of tech geeks due to their creative design and impressive functionality.


However, the old quadcopter drones have seen massive improvements, not only in their design but also to their price. The once pricey gadgets are now fairly affordable. One of the reasons for their now affordable pricing is in relation to their parts and accessories and in this article, we shall discuss one of the most popular drone video cameras out there, the RunCam Split Mini.

RunCam Split Mini

The following are some of the features that this drone video camera comes with:

Great Field Of View, Angle Of Field

The field of view of a video camera is an important feature, especially when choosing a drone video camera. This is because when the drone is in flight and you need to capture mobile objects, the field of view will come in handy; bringing into focus maximum observable features within the background. This drone camera comes with an F.P.V 130/Recording FOV 165 which is remarkable, considering its size.

RunCam Split Mini

High Image Resolution, Video Resolution, And Great TV Output

Image resolution and TV output are twin functionalities that work hand in hand to ensure your video camera produces top-quality videos and pictures. Indeed, a combination of 2 MP image resolution and a TV output of either the NTSC (720*480) or the PAL (720*576) Switchable is what makes the RunCam Split Mini a go-to drone video camera especially when looking for something that can harness images captured under poor visibility and lighting conditions. When in video mode, you will truly appreciate its great video resolution of 1080@60fps / 1080@30fps / 720@60fps.

RunCam Split Mini

Supports Max-Micro S.D Card For Maximum Storage Space

As this drone video camera captures scenes seamlessly mid-air, you would need it to have enough memory to store as much as possible before you can then come back later to choose the pictures and videos that interest you. This is where the Max-Micro S.D Card comes in. All you have to do is insert the card and you won’t have to worry about the memory getting used up before you are done the recording.

RunCam Split Mini

Light Weight And Durability

Weighing only 15 grams, you are sure carrying this gadget with you will not feel as though you have an extra baggage on you. Also, the metal cover makes it immune from scratches or mechanical damage in the event it falls down.

RunCam Split Mini


Evidently, there are so many reasons to get yourself the RunCam Split Mini drone video camera. And as a bonus package, there are included various accessories to get you started. These include but not limited to an SD Card Protector, a metal cover, a TV-out as well as a power cable and several screws.

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