The RunCam Swift Mini 2 camera: suitable for all kinds of shooting

RunCam Swift Mini 2

Up until a few years back, the quadcopter drone was one of the most expensive drones ever. While it awed drone lovers with its amazing features and breathtaking capabilities, the mere fact of seeing the drone fly was just as far as many drones loves would go in terms of experiencing it because of its exorbitant price.


However, over time, the drone market has become more competitive and we now have cheaper drones. One of the factors that have been attributed to such fall in prices is a reduction in the price of their accessories. In this post, we shall discuss one of such accessories, the RunCam Swift Mini 2 Touch-Scene F.P.V Camera for R.C Drone.

RunCam Swift Mini 2


Auto-gain Control for Signal Resilience

As your drone flies through the air, it is only natural that the signal output will weaken, thereby affecting the quality of images its camera can capture. However, with an auto-gain control, the RunCam Swift Mini 2 allows the camera to capture and relay signals with sustained amplitude regardless of how poor these signals are.


RunCam Swift Mini 2Minimum Illumination

Because you may sometimes fly your drone at night, you need a powerful camera that can capture images even in poor light conditions. With a minimum illumination of 0.01Lux@1.2F, this drone camera allows your drone to fly to some of the most poorly-lit areas and still get the fairly clear picture. Be it in the dead of the night or in a dark, enclosed space, you can trust it to kick in and deliver.


Powerful lens And Shutter Speed

Capturing moving targets is perhaps one of the most difficult functions of a camera. However, the RunCam Swift Mini 2 2 makes this seemingly impossible task look like a breeze. To begin with, the lens of this drone camera comes with in-built capabilities of up to 2.1mm (M12) F.O.V165/ 2.3mm(M12) F.O.V 150. This is a great field of view when you are specifically looking to capture moving objects. If you add that to the P.A.L: 1/50~100,000; N.T.S.C: 1/60~100,000 shutter speed, you can be sure you will never miss any material objects.


One Key Scene For Image Variety And Diversified Signal System

That it is a drone camera doesn’t mean you cannot customize your pictures. The one-key scene allows you to capture pictures of objects in various falsified conditions, ranging from Personal to Outdoor, Lightrax, Indoor, Twilight, and Cloudy. Even better you can have the camera set in either the NTSC for black and white pictures or the PAL for color pictures.


Portability And Battery Power

The camera weighs a paltry 12 grams and measures L22.3mm* by W22mm* by H26mm so this means you can easily carry it with you when not mounted on your drone. The powerful DC 5-36V gives out a current of 120mA@5V / 60mA@12V, enough to power your camera for an extended period of time.

RunCam Swift Mini 2


There are more reasons that make the RunCam Swift Mini 2 an ideal camera for your drone. Aside from the features above, the manufacturer has gone out of his way to offer the following as accessories when you buy the camera:

1 x ABS bracket

1 x Aluminum bracket

1 x Manual

1 x 3pin FPV silicone cable

1 x Set of screws

1 x OSD Key-press Board

1 x 6pin FPV silicone cable

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