The Race of the EACHINES to create fun

fpv racing drone

The year is 2018 and technology keeps providing innovations through familiar and unfamiliar gadgets as we press towards making things easy and fun for humanity. Familiar in that most of our everyday gadgets get upgraded to better and more efficient devices. Unfamiliar routes present new devices that we have to learn their use and what they have to offer. Out of the numerous unfamiliar gadgets that have been innovated in the last few years, the quadcopter drone has grown and remains one of the trendiest gadgets to own. It is amazing and it presents so many opportunities to have fun(I just won the racing wars against my friends) in a modern way (Kites are still cool).

fpv racing drone

Like I said, the year is 2018 and one of the best things about this year is that cool gadgets like quadcopters have had their prices coming down. Introducing an affordable quadcopter for all your fun is the Eachine EB185 fpv racing drone. I think because it’s kind of a mini machine and it uses electronics, hence the word E-achine – Just saying. So here’s an affordable drone that promises you that fun that you have long fantasized about flying your own drone in complete FirstPerson View (FPV). Here are some of the interesting features that you should consider and why you should go to grab your personal Eachine EB185 now:

  • A highly integrated circuit device produced for a first-person view flight.
  • It sports the newest Naze32 rev6 flight controller added with compass and barometer and is one of the best out there for stable flight experience.
  • It contains an advanced 5.8GHz live video and OSD system for that FPV experience that is unforgettable.
  • Oh and you know what’s cool, it has its own on-board black box that can help to diagnose flight troubles or a crash (We don’t want this)
  • It comes with a customizable controller that can be used to set the appropriate mode according to your flight skills.
  • It also is built on a solid frame with a streamlined unique shape and design which offers better physical mechanic, more reliable and stable agile flights
  • It employs the use of brushless motors B1806 KV2300 AND BLHeli firmware 15A ESC which is a high strength propelled to provide high-speed flight.
  • An equidistant axis with a customizable led strip is also enticing.
  • Sporting an adjustable angle HD camera with a visual range fitted with an extra damping mounting plate, it provides good image and additional video effects.
  • And for racing, yes, it provides real-time data with flight information visible on either your preferred goggles or a screen with a video receiver.

fpv racing drone

Well, the fun is just starting and it is here to stay. Therefore, you should really add this gadget to your collection now as it provides that experience of being a pilot with the first person view, or that option to see the view of your house from up close or better still play flight racing with your friends. Follow my style and assume the role of Captain James T. Kirk and your Eachine EB185 in pushing the frontiers in the search for uninhabited hidden spaces or fun spots around your neighbourhood. I will wait to hear your adventures.

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