How to diy a simple fpv drone from scratch

transmitter module

With more advanced features such as remote control, there is no doubt as to why techno savvies are giving immense support to this aerial vehicle. Recently there has been so much dissatisfaction with the level of drone performance in the consumer level market, thus pushing IT enthusiasts to develop a preference for drone diy for better performance and experience. Building a diy fpv drone by yourself is not only fun but also an entirely intriguing new experience. In this article, we will be taking you through the process of constructing your very own fpv drone, which is quite the same as building a multi-router. Interesting enough? Let us get it started!

transmitter module

Step one: Assemble everything that you will need. They include;

A frame for the entire structure

A dvr recorder for transmitting and recording

Brushless motors



RC receiver

SD DVR High-Resolution Digital Video Recorder


Video Transmitter

Flight controller

Motor ESCs

Power distribution board


transmitter module RP-SMA Female


An electrical tape

Soldering iron

Bullet connectors

Heat shrink tube


Step two: DC power to the transmitter

The transmitter is made up of two terminals with two matching plugs in receptors at the rear unit. You will see black and red wires in the power supply cable. Fix that to the DC power source. Now tap voltage from the battery balance connector using the black and red wires to achieve full circuit and assume the yellow and blue wires. Using the transmitter module RP-SMA Female, cut the wires( blue, yellow, red and black) a short distance from the plug. The yellow and blue wires should be cut shorter since you will not be using them. Use a heat shrink on them. Next peel the red and blue wires then heat shrink them to the ones on the transmitter power source. Place the other end of the wires into the battery to turn on the LED light.


Step three: Connecting camera video out-put to the transmitter.

Here you will only need to use two wires, the black and the yellow. Heat shrink tube to their matching counterparts from the dvr recorder. Now test to see if everything is working well before mounting on the quadcopter.

transmitter module

Step four: Mount on the quadcopter

Use the materials you got to mount securely on the transmitter module. Ensure that the antenna is flexible for adjustment. This whole process will entirely depend on the model you are installing. Fine tune here and there and you are set to go!


Additional information

There are various brackets that you can use to mount your complete FPV monitor on top of your R/C Transmitter. Select one that perfectly suits your needs. As for me, I made use of my old chest mount to mount my monitor for a closer view of the monitor. You can be creative and achieve yours as well. Enjoy your first diy quadcopter drone!

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