The U.S Federal Wildlife Service shows that 20 billion birds are always in migratory mode. Look at the birds, the streams of the river, wedding memories, and the first time you took your daughter to a sporting competition. Such memories are well kept by a seamless 4K Action camera. You don’t need just any pretty camera to do all this. There is always a joy that accompanies your shooting when you have an 4K Action camera. Here are three highly recommended models.


AT-N460Crazy Features

  • AT-36DR4K 30FPS 170 Degree Action Camera:

Its installed with over 10 different languages, this LCD 2.0LTPS touchscreen action camera can easily run on a Windows XP, Vista or above, Windows 7 and even MacOS operating systems. The camera has an in-built MP4 video format with an H.264 compressed format of videos. It’s a 170 degrees Angle and an HD wide-angle lens camera with a storage micro SD of up to 64 GB. Its 900MAH battery capacity provides it with a recording non-stop duration of about 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • AT-N4604K 170 Degree Action Camera:

This slim-bodied action camera has an ultra-High definition video resolution settings, 24 ultra-mega pixels camera, a gyro anti-shake function, underwater shooting mode and a 2.0-inch High definition +0.95 inch digital display

  • AT-N4904K 24FPS 7G 170 Degree Action Camera:

This action camera has similar video format storage capacity and compressed video formats as that of the AT-36DR 4K model. It comes with a WI-FI and remote support, dual touch screen, a looping video and a battery capacity of 1050MAH. Its lens stands at 170 degrees angle and HD wide-angle inclination.


AT-N460Notable Differences, Perfect occasions

  • AT-36DR 4K 30FPS 170 Degree Action camera:

Has a clear inscription of “AUSEK” below the camera lens, while the “4K Ultra HD” mark is underneath the LCD Touchscreen. It is perfect for deep sea diving and you can easily connect to your phone.

  • AT-N460 4K 170 Degree Action camera:

Its LCD display is above the start button. It has a marking of “4K 30 FPS Wi-Fi” located just beneath the lens.

  • AT-N490 4K 24FPS 7G 170 Degree Action camera:

A Front view shows a “Wi-Fi” label below the lens. The “4K Ultra HD” writings are below the LCD screen. It is perfect for deep water gymnastics and sporting events.



As a thumb rule, the choice of the camera will depend on the occasion or the event. Imagine going for a holiday in Caribbean Island and you want to capture those real moments your love mate is swimming, and that it has to look real with all those aquatic animals. In such a case, go for an 4K Action camera.

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