Learn to Fly like a Pro with Fat Shark 101

Fat Shark 101

Modern technology has taken flying to a whole new level with UAVs that can tackle the most sophisticated scenarios. Be it a battlefield, anti-terrorism, security or defensive tactics, this technology is just growing. So the future will need people who can really fly them. And quadcopter drones are the compact and lightweight versions of advanced UAVs that makes these gadgets the trendiest in the world of technology. With the all-new Fat Shark 101, you can learn everything you wanted to know about drones and UAVs that makes learning not just effective but quite a fun too.

Fat Shark 101

Features of Fat Shark 101

This is the ideal quadcopter drone kit that comes with easy-to-use radio control unit and recon goggles. It has a built-in battery that you can charge with a basic USB cable. You also get an additional battery and USB cable for the goggles. The shark-like design makes it sturdy and agile so you can effectively maneuver through any obstacles. All four propeller blades are well protected by frames below. It has a high-quality camera on the front so you can conveniently see everything ahead of it. It comes with 4 channels and a frequency of 2.4G.

Fat Shark 101

Ultimate First Person View

The recon goggles that comes with Fat Shark 101 is what that gives you the immersive experience. So you can almost feel like you are flying yourself and an experience like you are in a game is simply amazing. It again comes with battery and USB cable to charge it. It is wireless and works directly with the radio control and quite easy to connect too. So there are no additional cables to annoy you anymore.

Fat Shark 101

Fly Like a Pro

With this quadcopter drone, you can easily learn the basics of flying a full-size UAV, all by yourself. The radio control pretty much replicates a drone pilot’s console but with a much simpler interface. The drone has replaceable parts and you can even upgrade to make it more powerful and efficient to suit your needs. That said, you get the opportunity to learn about its design and architecture.


Fly it Anywhere

This wonderful quadcopter is suitable for both interior and exterior environments. So whether you are indoors or outside on your camping trip, you can use it anywhere. You can even compete with your friends and display your skills.


Overall, the Fat Shark 101 is designed to help you become a professional pilot. So whether you want to fly for a hobby or take it as a profession in the future, you can beat it with this quadcopter.

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