Flytec SBEGO 132 review: the best low-end drone is coming

Flytec SBEGO 132

Unlike some time back when drones were some of the most expensive gadgets, they aren’t the same nowadays. This affordability together with their features make them the trendiest gadgets in the market at the moment with the trend is expected to keep rising as better drones are released. Currently, the quadcopter drone like the latest Flytec SBEGO 132 is one of the best outdoor entertainment gadgets perfect for outdoors lovers. Some of its features include:

 Flytec SBEGO 132

Just enjoy, nothing to worry

A small size that easily fits into any pocket and a lightweight making it perfect for moving around. Having a headless mode also gives you the ability to fly the drone without necessarily seeing what lies ahead. This is one of the best improvements over the earlier versions that limited people on sight. This, together with the radio range of up to 20 meters lets you enjoy using the drone without worrying about the layout of the area you’re in. In addition, the drone comes with a battery that takes only forty minutes to be fully charged and lasts for up to 5 minutes when used on the top ranges.

 Flytec SBEGO 132

Enriched updated features

Other features of this product include a sensor mode as well as an ability to preserve the altitude. This further enhances the way you operate the drone with minimum effort. With easily adjustable settings you can have the drone fly in any direction you want including making it turn 360 degrees. Having multiple possibilities such as ascending, descending and going forward and backward among others as settings only increase the thrill with which this device can be used for entertainment. A strong frequency and great transmitter add to the general functionality of this gadget.

  Flytec SBEGO 132

Super user-friendly

With all these features and the slick design, the Flytec SBEGO 132 is very durable and easy to clean making it easily maintainable. For those who prefer to fly at night, the device is equipped with an LED lighting that provides the needed vision in dark spaces. Other than the USB cable, you can also charge the device using the controller. This increases the convenience that rarely available with other drones. Since most users always encounter problems with assembling such devices, the quadcopter comes with a manual that’s easy to understand and follow making it easier to put together. The settings are also easily understandable just like the use, adding to the perfection of the product.


Available online at affordable prices, you should get the drone and enjoy a thrilling entertainment that can also help you in bonding with your children as you spend some fun time together.

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