Enhancing Enjoyable and Effective Drone Flying with GEPRS Hummingbird

GEPRC Hummingbird

With the advance in technology that has been felt in every sector worldwide, there has been an increase in innovation and improvement of various technological gadgets. The best example is the quadcopter drones which have been perfected to include advanced features that have made it effective and efficient. A quadcopter is currently the trendiest gadget which has been improved and the best thing is that it is now pocket-friendly and affordable. These drones are flexible and can fly in a limited space even in crowded places or neighborhoods without any problem.GEPRC Hummingbird


The recommended GEPRC Hummingbird

Among these highly designed drones is the GEPRC Hummingbird which comes with a number of features that make it stand out from the rest. The drone is made with a small body that makes it possible to fly even in residential places without getting damaged or getting trapped in buildings. It has a strong frame which is made from full 3k high strength carbon board which makes the drone strong and ensures it lasts long and reduces chances of it getting damaged in case it falls down or hits a hard surface. It is also designed with arms of 2mm thickness and 7mm width that is important in making the drone drag coefficient.

 GEPRC Hummingbird

Professional level

The drone’s camera is well protected with YFS 12.9 class hardness screws and side plates that protects the camera from any possible damage. This will ensure the camera lasts long and saves you money on repairs and fixing new camera if it gets damaged. It supports micro swift and the normal CMOS camera which is important in enhancing a clear and effective capture of pictures and videos. It is also enhanced with 0 – 50 degrees camera seat for proficiency. This makes the GEPRC Hummingbird to be used for a number of functions including surveillance, newsrooms to capture an event or even to capture pictures and videos just for fun.GEPRC Hummingbird


Special design

GEPRC Hummingbird is designed with a special feature that is able to protect the battery and eliminate any foul when the drone is in the air. It has a battery antiskid stick that protects it and ensures the battery is not lost. The drone uses 2S 450mAh Battery which is effective and allows long enough times of flight and ensures you complete your flight without any disturbance. With a wheelbase of 110mm, it ensures the drone enjoys an easier and sustained air passage that makes it fly effectively without its engine getting overheated. It is also built with a GEMFAN 2040 3blade propeller and Betafligth F4 Omnibus flight controller that makes it easy and effective to fly the drone without any hitch.


GEPRC Hummingbird comes with a lightweight of 17g that makes it light to fly and to carry. It is easy to operate and doesn’t require any technical support which makes everybody able to operate and fly it. the best thing is that this drone is pocket-friendly and easy to maintain.


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