Foxeer Arrow Pro: Start shooting amazing aerial photography

Foxeer Arrow Pro

It is becoming increasingly common these days to spot a drone when you step outside your home or office. Youtubers, vlog makers or bloggers tend to go to exotic locations or even choose to capture the busy city life with these drones and fpv cameras. The drone and FPV camera set up is therefore ideal for travelers and videographers which lets them use it pretty much everywhere they go. Also, since last five years, the technology in drone and camera equipment has become much cheaper increasing its affordability. Now anybody can shoot great videos in the air. But if you’re starting, you should stick to equipment that’s reliable and offer the best value for your money. Options like Foxeer Arrow Pro or Gopro come to mind when it comes to aerial photography.

Foxeer Arrow Pro

Super mini but powerful for the latest upgrades!

Foxeer Arrow Pro is one of the best cameras if you’re looking to buy a camera for good quality aerial photos and videos. If you know how to work with a joystick, you can easily mount the camera onto your drone and shoot high-quality videos. So what is so special about the Foxeer Arrow Pro? The camera comes with a small and compact form factor that enables to let it mount on even smaller frames. The camera offers a CCD sensor instead of a CMOS which means it would produce some great quality wide dynamic range images. There’s also a built-in OSD on the camera unlike the other cameras which lets you monitor the battery voltage on your screen while filming and label information like flight time, pilot name etc. on the video. The upgraded new firmware on the camera allows you to adjust the camera settings based on the type of environment such as vivid, cloudy, sunny etc. Filming is easier with this set up since you can control the crucial aspects of videos such as white balance, exposure or dynamic range through the built-in OSD.

Foxeer Arrow Pro

With the increasing need for miniaturizing camera equipment, the Foxeer Arrow Pro is perfect for some aerial shots. Being so tiny in size, you can carry it everywhere easily in your backpack and mount on smallest of the frames. With the built-in OSD with voltage sense and excellent firmware adjustments, minimum distortion on footage quality, this camera comes in three colors (Black, Red, and Blue) making it both functionally and visually versatile. So if you’re thinking about a camera that lets you film great outdoor scenes with ease and portability, or you are a UVA lover, Foxeer Arrow Pro is your answer.

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