Full Review of the GDU O2 Quadcopter



Quadcopter flying is considered one of the most popular hobbies these days. Sometimes referred to simply as drones, quadcopters are drones that are remotely flown and controlled by four rotors. As a hobby, it started taking flight within the last five years and is now considered as one of the trendiest, enticing more and more hobbyists to try it. Because of its rising popularity, many people from various age groups and demographics are now planning to own a quadcopter drone.


If you’re planning to try this exciting hobby and are thinking of buying your own quadcopter, then your best shot would be to go for a GDU O2 quadcopter. Launched late last year, this new model packs a lot of bangs – portability, safety features, an excellent camera – almost everything you need to make yourself an expert on aerial photography!


Lightweight and Great Aerodynamic Features

At only 708 grams, and with dimensions of 185.5 inches by 52 inches by 93 mm, the GDU O2 quadcopter is extremely portable. More than its weight and dimensions, this model is the first one in the industry to use a sliding-arm technology. The propellers slide into the body of the drone so it is very compact when you need to put it in storage.


Foldable Design

The innovative design also adds to its portability and ease of use. Both the propellers and remote controller actually fold into the body of the drone, so you can easily carry or store it in the GDU carry bag. Plus, the carry bag also has slots for your smartphone and tablet, so you carry all your gadgets in one package.


Great Flight Capabilities

You can fly this quadcopter at a maximum height of 3,500 meters, with a hover time of 20 minutes. From that height, you can take excellent aerial shots with its 4K camera, from a maximum range of 1 kilometer. With the drone on smart shot mode, you can shoot 10-15 second videos in different flight modes, like Circle, Rocket or Dronie mode.



You might be concerned about its durability or the drone’s safety when you fly it. But there’s no need to worry because this model uses aviation aluminum alloy, giving its propeller arms increased durability. Moreover, the GDU O2 has a Binocular Obstacle Avoidance System which ensures that the quadcopter is able to see any obstacles in its path and automatically stop at a safe distance.


One of the joys of flying a quadcopter is that you control where it goes. And that’s one of the best features of the GDU O2 – you don’t actually need a controller for it. With the GDU mini app, you can connect to the drone, fly it remotely, and even view, edit and share the shots you took, just by using your phone, tablet or laptop!



All these excellent features make the GDU O2 one of the best buys you can get in the market today, at a very reasonable price. It’s guaranteed to give you the excitement of drone flying and the satisfaction of being able to take great shots.

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