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Build your drone and win races NOW!!! This kind of headline sparks across the drone racing community daily. But the problem is that people don’t know what to do when building a drone. Want to win an FPV Race, for that you need to build your own custom drone. Choosing drone parts is a difficult task. Expensive, inexpensive, good quality, budget options, there are many questions. Let us tell you what you can do for your DIY built drone racer.

fpv racer

How to make it right


To build a good drone you need good equipment. The base of any good racing drone is the frame. You will need a lightweight frame so that you can perform fast aerial maneuvers and gain speed on your opponents. People use aluminum and even fiberglass frames. But aluminum is too heavy and fiberglass is too not strong enough for crash landings. You can use carbon fiber racing frame in racing drones. Because they’re light enough for flight and stable enough for holding the FPV camera.


Assembling the electronic equipment to the frame is the hardest part for a newbie. You can opt for a half-finished frame which provides holes and guides you to assemble the electronic equipment. If you want it all to be done yourself and are not too fussy about the time, you can go for a frame which requires all the work to be done yourself, such as drilling holes and assembling wires and the electronic equipment yourself.

fpv racer


Just make sure that the radio and the antenna are connected properly so that the carbon fiber doesn’t interfere with the radio signals.



When it comes to the arms, they mostly come built in with the frame. Aluminum arms tend to be strong and provide good protection to the equipment but are too heavy. Using hard plastic frames seem like the best option because of their lighter weight and durability.



There are many options to choose from when selecting how many rotors to mount. You can have two rotors, four, six, eight and even more. More rotors mean more stability. The best option here is the four rotor frame or as it is commonly called the Quad Rotor. This is because it gives better stability then two rotors, is still light enough for fast racing, and unlike the two rotors, if one rotor fails, you can still have a safe landing. If you opt for more rotors, you’re building a heavier drone and slowing down on speed.



When it comes to propellers, small propellers, give you more speed but the large ones provide efficiency. Since you’re going to need speed, we suggest you stick with the light ones.

fpv racer


The fpv racer needs small cameras for the first person view. Don’t go for photography cameras. These are larger, heavier and sometimes even need gimbals to install. For fpv racer, choose a small one with a good resolution. This should be able to give you good results. There are many other tips and tricks that you can use to build a good Racer drone. However, these should be enough to give you a good start.

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