RC Racing Boats: Speed check on the Water

rc speed boats

Dirt tracks and mud tracks are long gone days for teens. It’s now time to set for another level of adrenaline rush, time to cover the off-land part of the world. Yes, you guessed it right, why not check your speed on the water? Heard the top-rocking news, “Veteran offshore throttleman and renowned race and high-performance-pleasure-boat rigger Grant Bruggemann is joining the Super boat-class Cleveland Construction team for the 2018 season”.


Swirling in the time of remote-controlled speedboats popularly known as RC speed boats, RC racing boats, RC boat hulls have now been a part of huge gaming industry and water-activities held around the globe. With some of the best rc speed boats, namely, “Pro Boat Impulse 31 Deep V”, “Aqua craft Motley Crew FE Catamaran”, that provides you with fantastic and badass look, water-cooled dynamite marine and brushless motor. There are various RC speed boats and RC racing boats serving you with speed, power, agility and fun.

rc speed boats

How to play it well

Now as a part of unique game experience, choose the RC speed boats that are constructed with high durability, waterproof rc boat hulls and anti-tilt modular design to provide you with the best on the water racing experience. So, are you ready to kick start your RC speed boat or RC racing boat, beat your friends and have a crown? To play safely, use the four channel remote control to operate it right, left, backwards as well as make extreme sharp turns and auto flips with accurate orientations as you and your boat always maintain the first position in every race. Ensure to have a rechargeable battery water RC speed boat with a driving speed check with your competitors!


DIY tips

Kids be safe with your enthusiasm level, we have got you with the DIY tips as well. All you require is the given list of materials that are easily available at your home and places nearby to enjoy your own and first ever RC Racing Boat. Materials are 2 plastic bottles, 2 arduino, 2 NRF24I01, 1 Joystick, 2 Battery, 2 Breadboard (1 big and 1 small), waterproof box, 2 motors and 1 L298n motor driver. Surf the websites and you will accomplish the mission!

rc speed boats

Steps by steps

But man, choose your safety and take precautions wisely. Firstly, it’s important to understand what type of boat you want for your race, is it a scale boat or a sailboats or a racing sailboats. Secondly, the shape of the RC boat hulls matter to determine how well it will operate. Try avoiding any race in salt water, the water contains sodium chloride enough for your boat to get corrosive. Take care of the battery and its chargeability options. Also, always inspect your boat before launching it on the water to ensure no screws are loose enough to make you lose!


It may take a little extra time to get everything on board and on water, but it’s worth waiting at the end to have a thrilling experience.

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