Most recommended children musical instruments – part 1

10 hole harmonica


It is said that music is a universal language and no matter where you come from or what language you speak, a good melody makes all the difference. But did you know children who are actively involved in music, especially the ones that learn how to play a musical instrument at a young age have better brain development than those who don’t? Well, research from NAMM foundations shows that learning to play a musical instrument accelerates the child development and skills for school readiness. It improves the child intellectual and social skills and most importantly helps improve overall literacy.

10 hole harmonica

However, with a sheer amount of musical instrument for kids in the market, you can be easily be dumbfounded as a parent. Whatever the choice you make, ensure that you pick an instrument that will not put off your child’s idea of playing any instrument at all or one that will not benefit them at all. Below is our recommendation of children’s musical instrument.

10 hole harmonica

  1. Harmonica

Wind instrument has been known to have immense health benefits, however, playing 10 hole harmonica moves beyond the usual benefits we mentioned earlier. Experts agree that children with asthma and bronchitis problems can significantly benefit from such instrument. The harmonica is not only about helping the child learning to control the breath, but it also helps your child to be more patient.


  1. Ocarina

If your child is four years old and above, you may consider buying an Ocarina. It will help him or her nurture interest in Ballet and may help expresses his or her emotional conveniently. Other than that, Ocarina helps release tension whenever a child has emotional disturbances associated with normal development. It also helps enhance the child’s right brain creativity and breathing of lungs. A 16 hole ocarina can create beautiful sound that make his or her childhood even more fantastic and memorable.

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