RC Toy lovers love the tools too (part 2)

robot kit


For the inveterate RC toy lovers, there is an impressive array of tools using which they can mend their cars if they develop some fault, and fiddle with them even if they work perfectly. For the earnest enthusiasts who would like to build the cars themselves, the robot kit with professional grade tools are manna from heaven.

robot kit

Robot Car Kit for Arduino: This contains all the necessary components and materials.

For example, a DIY L298N 2WD Ultrasonic Smart Tracking Moteur Car robot kit For Arduino will have an acrylic or plexiglass sheet, motor driver shield or motor driver circuit board, two motors, two wheels, Arduino microcontroller board, a battery holder and a set of four AA batteries. One can also get transistor tester, servo tester, heat shrink.

Bluetooth Module: Attaching a cable to connect the car or plane model with the controlling computer is meaningless. The Bluetooth technology neatly solves this problem. A Geekcreit HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver RF Main Module Serial, with various selection options, for instance, provides the interfacing with the controlling computer or console for an effective distance of 10 meters, maybe more. Geekcreit is a very professional brand and their bluetooth module is widely used among professional players.

robot kit

The model making steps are :

  1. Get a robot kit and supplement it with add-ons, if necessary.
  2. Thread the wheels on to the motors and fix the motor to the chassis using adhesive glue; also attach the battery holder, motor driver circuit, and the Arduino board.
  3. Test and select the options to start the car.


Normally, one can just use the readily available software. However, for programming enthusiasts may opt for models with the option to tinker with the code. Involving the kids in the building process is educative and fun. You ask them to read and do exercises, they may protest. Here, you are asking them to fiddle with the system and play – in the process they learn.


Have fun with the car and gain valuable computer knowledge too!


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