RC Toy lovers love the tools too (part 1)

arduino starter kit


You may or may not afford the Lightning McQueen remote controlled car, the current year hit from Sphero. But can your robotic toy car, especially the one you yourself build, speak with Owen Cunningham’s voice? The answer is: yes, very much possible!

arduino starter kit

Even if you are not an electronics person, you are aware of transistors, Bluetooth, and servos, and there are easy-to-follow make-your-own-toy-car kits for computers to cars. The advent of Arduino microcontroller boards and the availability of attachable components including brushless motor, circuit boards, and other materials has made it very easy for building electronic gadgets including toy cars. Any decent electronics stores will provide the basic but professional level kits and components which, along with common toolkits, can enable you to build your own RC car quickly. That means, if you are an entry starter for DIY RC racing cars and you are interested in Arduino development board, you can simply pick an arduino starter kit on the online store which is affordable and will offer you all the parts you will need, so that you have no need to purchase each tool one by one saving you lots of times and efforts.


Transistor Tester and Servo Testers: To provide consistent and proper function, testers such as DANIU (DANIU is a brand that trusted by the senior players for many years) 3.5 inch Colorful Display Multifunctional TFT Transistor Tester and HJ Digital servo tester provided along with kit or can be bought separately. We should definitely choose high-quality transistor tester and servo tester as they ensure the safety and the operation of RC toys.

arduino starter kit

Brushless motor: SunnySky X2216 2216 1250KV Outrunner Brushless Motor For RC Models, for instance, can be used in the robot cars. It’s widely and universally accepted that the brushless motor is better than the Brushed ESC since it will save more energy and protect your RC cars better. So, if you are looking for a powerful, safe and durable motor, pick the brushless one. More RC toy parts and components will be discussed in the next chapter.

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