FPV Drone Lovers and Purchase Decisions (part 2)

fpv antenna


Even though the frame, the motor and the flight controller might be the most important parts of the fpv drone, but as we all know, a drone is a high-tech product that made of many complicated parts, a loss of a little piece of part might cause fatal troubles to your drone. To make sure enjoying the most smooth and safest flight, it’s recommended to check your drone every time it ended a long flight and every time before it took off. Here are more drone component that you might be interested, and you can also share with us about your fun drone experience.


  1. Propellers

If you choose to use a certain type of frame for your drone, then you must be careful what type of propellers you buy because they must match the drone’s frame. Make sure they are a good fit.

fpv antenna

  1. Batteries

Consider the type and the capacity of the battery you choose to buy. Most of them are Li-Po batteries but their power differs. We also recommend to purchase the rechargeable lipo battery with the lipo battery charger since it’s more economical and environmentally friendly.


  1. Connectors

You will need the following lengths of connectors:

  • 3.5 mm to link the motors and the ESCs.
  • 4.5 mm to use for the drone’s power distributionboard.

*The power distribution board is the one that connects the battery to the ESCs.

fpv antenna

  1. RC Receiver

As long as you have a transmitter you will most likely have a receiver as well that you can mount on the drone. Nowadays, many remote controllers can also be connected to the smartphone APP. Also, to enable the transmission of all the images and videos, make sure to also add a nice fpv antenna which will of great use.


  1. Mounting Pad

This element lowers the impact of vibrations and it improves the drone’s overall flight. If you use your drone to take photos and videos, this tool is very important to have.

fpv antenna

  1. Camera and Micro SD Card

To take photos as well as videos during the drone’s flight, you will need to attach a camera mini size to the aerial vehicle. We recommend you to purchase the best 4K camera you can afford if your original drone package did not come with a mini camera.


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