FPV Drone Lovers and Purchase Decisions (part 1)

carbon fiber frame


Unmanned aerial vehicles exist since decades ago but these tools have gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years due to small commercial drones. RC drones are probably the best

ones on the market due to their agile motors and for the fact they are can shot amazing images as well as excellent videos during their flight. If you are interested in RC drone but you are just an entry beginner, you should aware that the UAV world is not as simple as the normal toys and you have lots of things to keep in mind.

carbon fiber frame

Here are all the essential items and components you need to create your own exquisite FPV drone:

  1. The Frame

There are two alternatives you can choose from when it comes to your drone’s frame. For starters, you can make your own fpv frame or you can purchase it online. According to drone enthusiasts, one of the best options are the carbon fiber frame as carbon fiber is a very durable but not heavy material so that your drone will be anti-crash. If you want to create it yourself, you will need several materials as well as basic engineering knowledge but the overall process is not that hard.

carbon fiber frame

  1. Motors

The standard drone requires 4 motors in total. A more complex drone like an octocopter needs, as you can easily guess from its name, eight motors to be able to fly. Most people recommend the use of brushless motor because these are lighter, especially when considering the battery. Basically, most of the advanced drone nowadays will choose the brushless motor.

carbon fiber frame

  1. Electronic Speed Controls

These are crucial for your drone’s functionality because they are in control of the way the power is directed towards the motors. The number of ESCs varied depending on the drone’s number of arms. In all, a good quality flight controller is quite essential for the best flight experience.


Of course, these three parts can definitely not complete your drone DIY process, but they are the very basic and essential component that you should notice and make sure to choose the qualified models. For more RC drone parts and component, keep watching.

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