Discover New Fun Adventures with the Xiaomi Mi Drone & Xiaomi VR Set (part 2)

xiaomi mi vr play


Except for the Xiaomi 4k mi drone which you can use it to make funny and creative videos, you can also enjoy the virtual reality experience through an affordable but also highly reviewed vr headset also from xiaomi.


Xiaomi VR play2 Virtual Reality headset

Xiaomi mi VR play2 is a beautifully designed quality virtual reality headset that allows you to play virtual games and watch 3d movies anywhere anytime. The xiaomi mi vr play features an open phone holder, a hidden air hole design and is made from the latest handcrafted PBT material that is soft and comfortable to wear. It also features a sponge cushion that relieves pressure on your nose bridge and eyelid. It comes with an adjustable head strap all for your convenience.

xiaomi mi vr play

The mi vr play set is light and weighs 183g only. It features aspheric lenses that absorb stray light. It also offers 3D Imax screen watch and plays a variety of different video formats. Your kids can watch educational videos with images for easier learning. Its compatible with 4-5.7-inch screen phones so which means basically all the smartphones.


The xiaomi mi vr will meet your curiosity in this world, show you another way to perceive an unprecedented experience. The first perspective into the immediate scene with innovative product design, so you will have a realistic panoramic immersion.

xiaomi mi vr play

To conclude the best gift to give yourself before 2017 ends are the Xiaomi mi 4k drone and the Xiaomi VR play2 headset. These gadgets will offer you new adventures such as aerial photography, gaming and even watching movies or shooting them.


Users have ranked them highly with the only shortcomings being the slightly tilted camera on the drone and basicness of the VR glasses. Those, however, are little inconveniences that need tweaking and can be adjusted here and there compared to the value you will derive from these gadgets.


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