Discover New Fun Adventures with the Xiaomi Mi Drone & Xiaomi VR Set (part 1)

xiaomi 4k


Nowadays people tend to have a stressful and rapid lifestyle of pursuing more money and fame to the extent that they almost forget how important it is to enjoy life and be happy. Are you one of these people that tend to be as busy as a beaver? Are you wondering how you can inject some fun into your life using technology?


Meet the new Xiaomi mi drone and Xiaomi mi VR play2. The Xiaomi mi drone will help you engage in fun aerial photography and creative movies. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi mi VR play 2 will have you playing virtual games in a surreal virtual gaming community or even watching your favorite movies in 3D anywhere anytime.

xiaomi 4k

Lets take a look at the features of this fun gadgets:

Xiaomi mi drone

The xiaomi 4k mi drone is a quadcopter drone that features a sleek white light 1.2mm thin body shell. The drone has a 3-axis gimbal that bears a 60fps and 1080p Camera. The xiaomi 4k drone also features PCB antennas that control relay signals to the drone using WiFi FPV.

xiaomi 4k


You can take high-quality aerial photographs with the xiaomi non camera drone that features 2 aspherical glass lens that supports a 1920*1080 60fps photo and video quality. It also has a 16mp Sony back image sensor and a 6piece glass lens that gives higher light transmission. Xiaomi mi drone’s best feature must be the light highly sensitive 3 axis gimbal which stabilizes up to 2000 vibrations per second. This allows you to take stable videos and photos. The gimbal is powered by 3 brushless motors and also features a built-in phone holder.

xiaomi 4k

Wi-Fi and signal performance

Xiaomi 4k drone offers real-time transmission with its PCB antennas coupled with your phone that can facilitate high-frequency Wi-Fi signals that ensure a steady feed.


Functionality and performance

The xiaomi mi4i drone is a light drone with a 149g carbon fiber and polycarbonate structure that is strong and can help you carry light weights within your house or office. Xiaomi mi drone has a surround flight feature that lets you pick a center, diameter, and height to record or do photography at a 360degree angle. You can use your smartphone to point to a place on the map and send your Xiaomi drone there for example when you are out on excursions, nature trail or even cruise ship vacations. It offers up to 3km control distance live video view with its dual-band antenna. You also don’t have to worry about running out on juice, it notifies you when the battery is low and brings itself back. It gives you up to 27mins flight time with its 51000 AMH battery power.


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