How to Choose Suitable VR Glasses

3d virtual reality headset



VR is no longer an abstract idea about the future; instead, it has become an increasingly popular trend of the present. With companies like Google and Dell that are giving a boost to this trend, we are all ready to add a pair vr glasses in our carts anytime soon – only if we do not own them already.

3d virtual reality headset

But the decision to buy 3d vr glasses does not seem as simple if you are new to practically experience the VR concept. One of the biggest obstacles of the VR glasses development is user experience, negligence of which can alter your review about the experience of using this technology.

3d virtual reality headset

Choosing better VR glasses:

Any brand of virtual reality glasses is successful if it gives you promising experience after purchase. A good vr glasses virtual reality is comfortable to wear and gives you a better watching experience whether it is during a game or during a movie. To give you a better example of what to choose when looking for a 3d virtual reality headset experience, let us review the following products:

3d virtual reality headset

Baofeng Mojing – IV Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses

Baofeng’s 3d virtual reality headset and glasses are lightweight and slim, measuring 182 x 106 x 110mm (Width x Height x Depth). These are IOS Edition and are compatible with iPhone 6S/6 Plus iPhone 6S/6. The vr glasses ios come with a remote control support operated with blue tooth and are made of fine quality anti – UV lens. This VR headset has a 96 angle view and can be categorized as suitable 3d movie glasses with 1080p resolution for a comfortable experience.

3d virtual reality headset

BlitzWolf BW – VR3 3d headset:

BlitzWolf’s BW – VR3 is a good companion if you feel the need to switch between iOS and Android, as it supports both. The 1080p or higher recommendation screen can be your gaming partner, since this 3d virtual reality headset has 2 x 43 Mitsubishi Aspherical lenses with facility of pupil distance adjustment between 55 mm to 65 mm in range, with the best feature being – individual adjustment of focus for each eye.

BW – VR3 virtual game glasses(or virtual movie glasses) are cool to wear, and owing to the soft artificial perforated leather around the eye patch and used for the headband, they are a smart choice for a comfortable VR experience.

 3d virtual reality headset

BlitzWolf BW – VR1 3d vr headset:

Comprising almost the same features as BW-VR3, the BW-VR1 vr headset pack an amazing user experience with the slight difference in device’s focus, pupil adjustment, HD Optical lenses and minor differences in design. BW – VR1 can be categorized as a suitable virtual glasses for almost everyone. However, for a good VR experience, you are advised to pay attention to the importance of correct posture and use duration.

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