Remote Control Helicopter Knowledge – Beginner Q & A (part 3)

rc helicopter blades

rc helicopter blades

Q: Why does the RC Helicopter shift to the left or other direction when it takes off, rather than take off straight?

A: Due to the gyroscopic effect and the influence of main jet airflow, it is normal for a RC Helicopter to lean to the left on takeoff! You need to push the aileron stick slightly to the right. If the helicopter is offset in the other direction it can be corrected by fine tuning when it is on the ground.


Q: What is hovering? why do I need to practice hovering?

A: Hovering is that the RC Helicopter is almost stationary in the air somewhere in a certain height, which is other RC aircraft can not complete! For starters, you must start with a hover flight practice for some times since the helicopter’s takeoff and landing, as well as some other start and end of a flight, require a hover flight first.

rc helicopter blades

Q: What is pitch?

A: Pitch refers to the RC Helicopter rotor or fixed-wing propeller 360-degree rotation, the distance of the helicopter to move up or forward. The greater the pitch, the greater the distance, and vice versa. However, it is difficult to measure the actual pitch. The vast majority of fixed-pitch helicopters are generally custom-made for a certain model, so the diameter is indicated. Variable pitch helicopters can measure the windward angle of the rc helicopter blades and the magnitude of change to know the pitch.

rc helicopter blades

Q: What is D / R?

A: D / R is Dual Rates, which is used to adjust the maximum stroke of the end of each channel. However, unlike the EPA, D / R has only one setpoint, so it acts on both ends and is bidirectional symmetrically. The D / R function can switch different parameter values through a dedicated D / R switch, which is generally used to switch the control of the size rudder to adapt to the different requirements of the model on the rudder movements when different flight requirements are required.


We will talk about more like the rc helicopter bnf the next time


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