Remote Control Helicopter Knowledge – Beginner Q & A (part 2)

RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter

Q: When the RC Helicopter is beyond the remote control range, will it lost?

A: If your remote control is out Pfizer power, do not worry, because some remote control has the  protection switch, that is, when your helicopter can not receive your remote control signal, the RC Helicopter can remain the last action, or automatically restored to the appropriate pitch and speed, so that it will land in low-speed. But if you want the RC Helicopter to fly back, it is almost not possible to complete. That is why we have always stressed that the novice must fly within the controllable visual range.


Q: How much weight can RC Helicopter load?

A: Under normal circumstances, 30-level RC Helicopter can carry about 1.5 kg, 90-level RC Helicopter, after adjustment, can carry about 3.5 kilograms. So you should trust your rc heli parts is strong enough.


Q: How long will the receiver’s battery be used for one time?

A: The original 1600 mAh battery pack and rc battery cables, after a full charge, can be used continuously for 4-5 hours or so. But usually, the players will take a rest for a certain time after flying half an hour. 5 hours of continuous flight will be very tired.


Q: What is the target crowd?

A: Many people will buy an rc helicopter toys for their children which in fact, might be not that necessary. Professional RC Helicopter model has a lot of complex structure, unless under the help of adults, otherwise, the children simply can not understand. On average, players are the 40-year-old middle-income earner, as the costs of RC Helicopter is not cheap, from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.


Q: What are the climate requirements? Wind resistant?

A: Heavy rain, thunderstorm weather is absolutely not suitable. As the RC Helicopter has an electric or oil-powered motor, the wind-resistant ability is strong. At the same time, the larger the level of the RC Helicopter, the stronger the wind resistance and stability. Therefore, in addition to rainy weather, windy weather, in general, are safe to fly.



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