Remote Control Helicopter Knowledge – Beginner Q & A (part 1)

RC Helicopter Parts

RC Helicopter Parts

Q: What is RTF?

A: The professional RC Helicopter model is in the sale form of host and scattered RC Helicopter accessories. This is more convenient for players to DIY assembly according to their own requirements. Therefore, there will be the different performance of the different accessories of the helicopter exists. RTF means Ready To Fly, that is, all the assembly is good, debugging is good, all the equipment, including remote control, is set so the rc helicopter rtf version can be used to fly the moment you get it.


Q: The composition and main parts of the remote control helicopter

A: The main components of the helicopter is the host, the electronic equipment, and remote control.

The mainframe includes: rack, dial disk, main rotor chuck and arm pull components, tail rod components, and tail boat group.

Other RC Helicopter Parts include: 3 swashplate steering gear, a standard throttle servo, a lock tail gyroscope and a lock tail steering gear, the main motor for high-energy batteries, electronic governor, 2 in 1 buck Device, receiver, transmitter and other remote control helicopter parts.


Q: How high can an RC Helicopter fly?

A: Theoretically, as long as there is power, when the air and pitch angle greater than 6 degrees, the helicopter can rise in an unlimited way. The professional model used remote control can reach the remote control distance of 400 meters -1500 meters range. When the helicopter flew to 300 meters away from us, it is already very small, it can be said that the flight distance has exceeded the visual distance. Therefore, generally, no need to worry about height.


Q: How fast can an RC Helicopter fly?

A: There is no accurate data. But the speed of 80 kilometers per hour is fully guaranteed. When the power is sufficient, the distance of 200 meters just in a few seconds.

RC Helicopter Parts

Q: When the RC Helicopter starts, will the main rotor turn? How to turn off?

A: The RC Helicopter has been tested for many times so as long as the player is in accordance with the normal start step, the main rotor will not hurt the fingers. After the start of, the RC Helicopter is at a low speed, we push the take-off bar, the engine becomes high speed, then the main rotor will turn. After the plane landed, returned to the idle state, there is a switch on the left side of the throttle, pull down to turn off.

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